Game signs

I've got an idea or 2 for signs to take to the next game and I'd like to hear yours:


or for the spelling challenged:


(OK I'm not proud of that last one but you get the idea)

A game sign for our Edmonton Eskimo's.

S. - Striving
T. - Towards
E. - Excellence &
P. - Performance.

I'm trying to understand the 'hate-on' for Strasser. The guy was no slouch with Montreal. And the Esks didn't do great with Worman (or Chaps for that matter).

Given the team Strasser has to work with, I'd say he's doing well. More than that, in the last game the Esks did execute several new plays on Offence.

Furthermore, who would be put into Strasser's spot? For the team to be successful it would have to be someone who could work with the system in place (you NEVER change an entire offensive system in mid season... unless you want to lose) and would have to know the nuances of the players - their skill sets, their tendancies, etc. So... just who is this magical wizard? Where is he and if he's so amazing, then why isn't he already employed?

What always irks me about these 'Get Rid Of So-and-so' comments is that they're rarely well thought out. No solution is given, just a baseless, knee-jerk reaction.

As for a sign...

PRJack I'm guilty of getting rid of people also. I try not to rant either but I suppose I do on occasion. I knew the Esk's had to do something and Danny was the one to go. and you are right about who is the next guy? Nobody knows. About Danny Maciocia: I met Danny, Ricky Ray, Rick LeLacheur, Kamau Peterson, A.J.Gass and their wives among others (there was about 60 of us) on the second annual Eskimo's cruise. I had a great time talking with all of them and the conversation I had with Ray and A.J. Gass I will never forget. i feel for Danny as off the job he is just a human being like the rest of us, and for the brief conversation I had with Danny M., well I'm thankfull I did.

I don't think anyone has anything against DM personally. I know I don't. He's just not a very good football person, as we've all witnessed.

Regarding Strasser, this offence has been garbage since he took over. 5-11 I believe is our record since he's joined the team. That just smacks of success! :roll: Right now I'd rather lose with a new OC than keep Strasser.

I'm willing to sit through a couple bad seasons if it means this team will rebuild properly. I was happy each time the Oilers lost last season, because I knew each loss got us closer to the first overall pick in the draft.

Same goes for the Raptors. That team will probably suck next season, but I'll gladly watch them lose if we can get a top 5 pick out of it.

However, the O wasn't really any better under Worman. Or Chaps before that. The last time the Esks O looked dangerous? ... brace yourselves... was with Danny Maciocia as OC. Yup. :cowboy:

That said, while I'm not pleased with the way the Esks O is performing I see less of the problems being scheme related and more of them being personnel related. Strasser doesn't cause dropped passes, fumbles or missed blocking assignments.

Furthermore, I'll stand by what I said about a) getting rid of Strasser during the season - especially considering the changes already made, and b) calling for his head without giving even a single thought to how he would be replaced.

I'm all for discussing options, but I haven't heard any. And without them then all that's left starts to sound like Ridering, er, I mean, whining. :wink:

Okey Doke, make me OC. I promise to actually call plays that may get 10 yards on 2nd and 10. Is that a good solution? Do you believe even if we were to come up with a brilliant plan to replace Strasser the team would be on this forum taking our advice?
As fans of an under-achieving team it's our right to point out the obvious (Strasser is no good) not to pick his replacement.