Game Roster?

Can not seem to find the Bombers game roster, thought it had to be out 48 hours before the game. Riders is up on its website including depth chart. ... &sid1=8603

Maybe I an just blind, so if someone could point me in the right direction.

Im sure the league and Riders have got it by now but you should know that the normal 48hrs was reduced to 24 for the Cup. Should be out anytime now I think it’ll be at this web addy. If not then just keep checking the Bombers website.

[url=] ... hchart.pdf[/url]


Thanks, did not know that it had been reduced.

One hour prior to the Riders/Lions game last weekend, the Riders HAD to announce whether or not Cates and Flick were suiting up. I may be wrong on the players but I thought it was those two, but my point is one hour prior to gametime was the deadline.

Is this topic different or am I misunderstanding something?

During the regular season you declare your active roster of 46 players forty-eight hours prior and then your game roster of 42 one hour prior.

Kel says its 24 hours for the Grey Cup for the active roster, I assume still the same for the game roster of 42.

But, still nothing up on the Peg site.

Thanks leeinq, that certainly does clarify it for me.

Still nothing...rediculous.

Great GM, Amazing HC, unbelievable players and fans, no communication. WEAK!