Game predictions vs Esks

Well here are my official predictions:
1a) gonna be windy and rainy i dont see either passing game getting off to a great start
1.Durant will have an excellent game 0 interceptions and pass for about 200yrds and will probally get sacked once but other wise he will make great desicions even if it results in two and outs
2. Cates will rush for about 110yrds with 1 td for sure and zero turnovers
3. Dressler and fantuz will be unleashed on a D full of holes I expect 100 yrds each walker and bagg will fill in the rest Clermont will have 1 or 2 amazing catches for big gains but other wise will excellent with blocks and confusing DB's
4. Edmonton will not be able to establish a running game but Ricky Ray will get it done in the air probally 200-230 yards passing I see at least one interception and two fumbles by the green and gold offence. For the most part our D will have their hands full but nothing they cant handle.
5. Rider Defence will be hungry like every week but with jones back there I think ricky ray is going to have alot of pressure on him chink n baggs will each have a sack today.
6. SP edmonton with triston jackson out I doubt edmonton will take one to the house KJ will be a force on teams.
7.SP SASK will play a decent game would like to see armstead take one home but I am doubtfull wind will be a factor for both teams today.

  1. Overall its going to be a fantastic game will a few turnovers to make it exciting but in the end SK will prevail 24-20 riders

I agree with most of your points, but saying Durant will pass for about 200 YDS, then saying Fantuz AND Dressler will get 100 each plus big gains by 2-3 others? doesn't add up to me lol just pointing that out ha :rockin:

I sincerely hope you meant "Chick" n Baggs, rather than the term you used... :wink: Hope you're right, and here's to a good game.

HAHA yeah i never knew we had a chink on the defense :lol:

whoops lol thinking faster than I can type sorry about the typo's. Ya with the recieving yards I had durant throwing more than 200 yrds at first then noticed the weather forcast and changed his number but forgot about the recievers :oops: sorry i was in a hurry

Haha just having a little fun man! Its game day!!!! :rockin: We should all be in a good mood!!! Hopefully better mood in about 5 hourish haha

I am in a great mood I also just got Free tickets for the NHL game tonight at credit union center I am happier than a toothless banjo picken Rider fan from the crotch of canada during a watermelon helmet wearing meeting in a one horse town

well Looks like im am off my rocker this game sucks sure hope etch figures something out fast or its gonna be a blowout

Looks like a classic loss in classic rider fashion!! haha! Terrible game! Miller needs to learn how to call a game, two possessions inside Edm territory and punted both times with 2mins left in the game! You have a 42MPH wind behind you kick the damn thing. But no worries, they'll be complacent and happy that they put a couple points on the board.

Terrible game?? I dont think so this was not the fault of the offence this was allowing RR to get 19 consecutive completions its like we were waiting for the deep ball night that never came and to be honest it doesnt make it that much easier to kick with the wind im sorry but its just not that cut and dry