Game predictions Cats vs Bombers

Pigseye what do you think what is your take on this. Both defenses are very close although Hamiltons defense takes lots of penalties. Offenses wow I think this depends who is at QB for both teams. I still thin T Martin is not a bad QB, I think it is the offensive plan the OC is providing and the fact many receievers are not helping out. Thank god for Milt riight.
Good Luck Bomber fans!

RW2005, I think the bombers are actually going to have no problem in this one. Glenn will have a big game as will Roberts. For a 1 - 6 team the mood in the dressing room is really loose, Brazzell couldnt get over the difference between here and Hammer as far as how relaxed the players are, the atmosphere suggests a win. Not trying to take anything away from the Cats, but I think the problems there go deeper then most of us see, according to Brazzell, but that could just be sour grapes and what else is he going to say, I hate Winnipeg I wish I went to a contender. I will go out on a limb and say Bombers by 17 points, Cat fans will probably make me eat those words but what the hell.

Glenn better be on his game.....MR. MICHNA waits in the wings.... :wink:

Better yet Bombers by 30 and Michna plays the 4th quater.