Game Post Cats At Als

Eight penalties in six minutes. Trying to beat last night's game.

LOL. I thought the same thing.

Big go up and get it catch by Carter sets up the FG

Wasn't that a treat...

Scored some really good TV numbers so, maybe, that's what viewers are looking for? :wink:

No question Cato is infinitely better. Masoli is just a flat out terrible QB.

Still can't believe someone called Masoli a "legit starting QB".

Any chance there could be one game thread this year where people aren't crying about penalties and threatening to stop watching the game?

Just STFU and accept the fact that penalties are a part of football.

What the hell was that Cato? Don't run out of bounds and lose 6 yards. Throw it out of bounds.

WTF was Cato thinking?!?

Just throw the ball away instead of stepping out of bounds and giving up a 6yd loss.

FFS, it took them out of FG range.

Start one and find out. Call it, "Area 51's Cats/Als Thread - I Will Tell You What to Think/Post" and see how many people participate. Maybe it will be overwhelmingly successful.

Let me know when you start it so I can check it out. :rockin:

My Ticats stink without ZC.

Looks like a pretty good crowd on a pretty nice night - altho, they said they may get rain.

Come on... :roll:

Oh well... D's playing well.

Why is Cato taking sacks instead of throwing the ball away when he's out of the pocket. And why is Duane Forde calling it a "good decision to eat the ball and take the sack"?

FUGLY !!!someone wake me up when they start to play some football. :roll: I hate to say I toadaso but I toadaso :stuck_out_tongue: Hilarious how Forde and Black are spin doctoring this saying “It’s a great defensive battle so far” :lol:

How did we ever beat the Argos in game 1?

What happened to Glenn?

4 - 2

I can barely contain my excitement.

Yeah, I’m getting sick of the whining about penalties from guys who aren’t referees and attendance from guys who don’t go to the games.

Careful, my friend. Be very careful. If you can’t appreciate a defensive game and battle for field position, you might be accused of being a “hater” or “negative” or “bitter” about the CFL.