Game Post Cats At Als

If the Cats do not roll the Als, they have big problems.

The Lame Larks have the starting QB, RB and 2 receivers out.

Not enough next man up depth to compete what will be a determined, motivated and agitated Cats squad.


larks 13

Uh, the Cats aren't playing their starting QB either.

And it really doesn't help that our backup QB seems to have a pattern of completing 5 or 6 passes in a row only to almost always then follow it up with a turnover in many of the games he plays. :roll:

But he gets redhot when he's on a roll. From our standpoint, I wouldn't underestimate Masoli at all! I was just pointing out that both teams are playing their backup QBs tonight, even if we have more significant injuries (Green, Sutton, LBJ, Stafford).

Yeah the Als are shuddering thinking of Masoli and Fantuzee.

Masoli is hot and cold.

He is due to get hot for this game.

At least I hope so.

Putty tats 29, birds MORE

Cats will be 1-3 after this one . Maybe if we had guys like Ellingson , Medlock , etc, etc who were not offered contracts I would be more hopeful .

Sure. In fact, I noted his hot-and-cold status above, so it's quite possible. I was just pointing out that it's not like Hamilton has its starting QB in the lineup either. It's backup against backup.

There's MUCH less of a gap between Glenn & Cato than there is between Collaros & Masoli.

That too. Collaros was playing at an elite level before his injury. Glenn is a solid veteran whose best days are behind him.

Discarding Hall, Williams, Ellingson and Medlock were major blunders but everyone says Austin knows best.. :roll:

and I'd feel much more comfortable with Cato as the starter than Misstep Masoli

And lets not forget Norwood (even if he was injured )............think I am going to be sick !

right you are Pike....even though I wish you weren't. :frowning:

Well, the Williams situation was a contract-based fiasco, so it's not like the team just decided to cut him loose, right? I'll give Austin a pass on that one. Hall and Ellingson, well, even a great GM makes mistakes. Medlock was probably the biggest loss IMO. I was quite surprised that you guys let him walk. That guy has a monster leg as a placekicker. So frustrating when our team would hold HAM to what we figured was a punt but which became a goddang field goal because Medlock would hit some 55-yarder...:wink:

and I'd feel much more comfortable with Cato as the starter than Misstep Masoli
Masoli has a helluva lot more game experience this season than Cato. I'd say it's a fairly even matchup.

Yeah the Cats are also shuddering thinking of Cato and Giguere. :lol:

Yup it's Welcome to Friday Night "FUGLY" Football.......I honestly don't know who is going to win this one tonight to be honest. I mean I'm hoping it's the Cats but it could just as well be the Alouettes walking away with the "W". I'm going to go out on a limb here though and predict a very slow moving low scoring, defensive minded error filled snooze-fest for tonight's game. Hence the FUGLY term above as both teams have key players out and both have played less than inspiring ball to start out the season.

BUT if I have to make a prediction I may as well go with my fumbling bumbling Cats in this one by a very pedestrian final score of 20-17.

granted Masoli has more game experience although Cato is a better game manager.
cripes, Masoli is in his 5th year as a pro QB yet repeats the same old miscues over and over again.

The only reason he hasn't been cut over the years is due to his past relationship with Austin at Ole Miss. and the Cats currently have nobody else with a modicum of experience under Zach.
Masoli would have been on the scrap heap long ago with any other team but cronyism wins the day in TiCats land.

True, but which way is the gap? Cato has the potential to be better than Glenn. He will probably be an upgrade…

[i] Cato > Masoli

And if Giguere is covered by Ellis, he should do well :smiley: [/i]