Game Plan

Next Saturday we will once again be playing the team that leads the league in sacks. We will be playing with a rookie quarterback, and an offensive line that is cobbled together from back-ups, and players playing out of position.

Can we at least come up with a game plan that takes some pressure off the line and QB? Can we have some more running plays, some screen plays and some quick release patterns that don't need the QB to hang onto the ball for four or five seconds while the play develops? How about some play action? And let's get the QB to roll out now and again to move the pocket. A draw play or two might help to keep the opponents defense away.

Can we occasionally see a running back releasing out of the backfield and acting as a safety valve in case our receivers are covered, like most of the other teams in the CFL do regularly?

And if we again have to play in a 35 kph wind, can we avoid plays where we throw the ball 30 yards or more downfield and have the wind take it over the head of our receiver, as happened several times in last week's game?

We are a better team than Ottawa, we can beat them if we come up with a decent game plan.

I really liked what they have been doing with Sink. Need to see more of that and more reverses with Banks. It surprises me how a little guy like that can break some tackles.

At least with Harris, I don't think we'll see him hang onto the ball. I'd imagine they will tell him get on his horse if the first second read isn't there. maybe Harris ability to run may make the dline hesitate a step or 2 that should help take some pressure off.

Should be interesting, frustrating and nerve racking all at the same time. Wouldn't want it another way :thup: