What a game in T.O.! The crowd was outstanding and neutralized any "home field advantage" the Blew team might have enjoyed. But now, the task at hand, for all the marbles... The Grey Cup.

How do the Cats approach the Green Riders for this affair? After a blow-out loss in Regina and a loss at home in Guelph the difference to me between the games was Defence. (yeah yeah Drew Willy at QB, I know). In the second game the D was far better at pass coverage and the return of Breaux was huge as the Rider receivers did not enjoy the success of the previous debacle. So in my opinion this is a game that will be won on defence. We know that the O can move the ball on the Riders. The true test will be in stopping them. That and the crowd noise.

As much of a cliche as it is, I think the key to a win in the Cup might be to try and make the Riders "one dimensional." Take away the run and make Durrant throw in the cold to win. The Cats' defence has been lights out the last 7 games and have owned the second half in most of those. If that happens again and the Riders have to throw to win, advantage Cats. The Blew team had to throw to win and it didn't work. The Als couldn't throw that well and tried to grind out a win on defence. Didn't work. Two good QBs who were made to look less than average in the last half of games by the Cats D.

What say you?

agreed stop the run first and foremost

offence is fine, the short high percentage passes we've see the last few weeks will eat a lot of time off the clock and keep their offence cold.

go cats

as i said before last gameits all about ball control,,,,i think defensively we gotta go out aggressively,,sask has a lot of weapons,,protect the edge best u can and contain durant and sheets inside,,,if they are gonna beat us then lets see if durant can do it,,make their offence one dimensional.,,,offensively spread it out hope hank can step up in pocket and take it himself,,,,the 1st quarter is key and if its close going into 4th we will win it.

Simple, out play, out work, out think the Riders in every aspect of this game from start to finish.

Yep, Hammer. And... hit that freakin' Dressler every time he touches the ball over the middle.

Just dominATE :Eat em Raw rockin:

and would like to see Walker in on kick returns and in the backfield, keep Banks in the backup set!

Keep the MLB “Home” to spy Durant and Sheets!! IMHO

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My usual "Keys to Beating ... " thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=87487

It encapsulates my thoughts ... I started with Defense.

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Take their crowd out of the game early too although I don't see that happening,

I can see us again getting off to another slow start, before we roar/claw back in the second half with adjustments and take the close game!


Man, some great ideas in this thread.

As noted by observant fans above, two things that scare me about a defencive stop the run philosophy are Durant and Dressler. I like the idea above about a "spy" and containing Durant. I think the "contain" idea is very important. Make Durant step up into the pocket and face the wrath of Bulke and Davis, not side outside where there may be room to roam. I guess blitzing from the edges might help. That and a controlled rush by the ends. Or maybe some short zone coverage so if Durant rolls there is a player there to limit the gain on a QB run. That might open up the medium passing game though.

I think the poster above is right. Hit Dressler early and often. Try to take the game out of him. Make him pay for every catch and yard. If he takes a few good good shots, maybe he "alligator arms" a few throws late in the game. He is a vet though and it might be tough to do to him.

Also, the Riders like to push the ball down field to their Wideouts. I hope Breaux is available because Dee Webb on Taj Smith is not tenable. I love Dee Webb, just not in that match-up (and not so much on the corner at all.) Breaux made Smith average in the second regular season game against the Riders.

Looking for more input from you good fan.

Lastly, fenderguy, haven't read your missive yet but I always enjoy your insight.

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Saskatchewan has a dominant offensive line. Beating them is the key to victory, IMO.

Not an easy task at all.

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