Game Plan for Timmy

After watching this massacre in person and later the replayI still do not know what the game plan was for Timmy Chang.Why was there not one single screen pass to our running backs to take the pressure of Chang,not even one swing pass to the backs either?My first play would have been a bomb downfield as far as possible to get the Argos to respect the deep pass ,that would be making a statement.Charlie Taaffe is suppoose to be a Quarterback expert and from what l have seen so far he is not even close.Did anyone see one play designed for Chang ?There were six factors as to why Timmy Chang had such a disasterous start,# 1.Timmy was definitely nervous
2.why did Timmy not have any seriuos playing time from previous games,we were afterall 1 and 7 under Maas,could Charlie not have given Chang more game experience by inserting Timmy into a game in certain situations and and let him gain some confidence even if it was 3rd QB sneaks .
3.why announce Timmy as your starter on last wed,and let the Argos be prepared,Chang could have practised all week as the starter,this was done to SELL tickets!!!!!!
4.Jesse Lumsden was not going to play and they knew it,this really affected Chang as now the Argos' had no worries of the run and could just attack Timmy from the get go,with no running threat Timmy was all by himself.
5.garbage game plan for Timmy ? What was it ?
If anyone THINKS that if Jason Maas had started this game we would have won it ,is @#$%^&&**(( crazy!!!!!!!
I hope Charlie Taaffe keeps his word and lets Timmy start some more games because as Steve Milton siad " that was not the real Timmy Chang out there "

To be HONEST, I stopped reading your post after you posed the question "Did anyone see one play designed for Chang?" ...


Did you NOT see the OPENING play of the game ?

In case you MISSED it, it was a play action ROLLOUT ... SPECIFICALLY Designed to use his (alleged quickness) and get him a QUICK, and EASY Completion ... well - In a HARBINGER of things to come ... Timmy SPRAYED the ball about FIFTEEN YARDS over the Receivers head ...

ANY other questions ?


One play does not make a game plan!

Peace to you.