Game plan against Winnipeg

Don't let Stegall score that damn TD. :smiley: :wink:

I don't care if he scores 5 TDs, as long as we win.

I'm looking forward to more punishment to be meted out by Moreno, Armour, Cox et al.

Nah, let him score it in front of his home crowd ... garbage time with Cats up by three scores as the clock winds down.

I like this part, but I still don't want him to score it againstus. :wink:

.. a hurnia but not a TD. :wink:

8) Do you mean a hernia ????????

My conspiracy theory on this one is that the refs are gonna make sure he gets one soon to restore natural order to the universe.

When a guy scores TDs more often than he brushes his teeth, and then suddenly he doesn't score the big one for several weeks, TSN starts showing clips of DBs hanging all over him and the talking heads start questioning the officiating. So the refs have got to give him one, and what better team to give them one against with out attracting attention than the Cats - 0-4, a young secondary and a penalty problem.

So maybe the plan should be to give him one in the first half to release the pressure, and then beat the living hell out of him for the rest of the game without all the extra scrutiny. :twisted:

Why not? Every team gets to pad their stats when they play the TiCats.

My game plan? Score more points than they do...

Start Chang. Use Holmes more coming out of the backfield. Spread the ball to more receivers.

start Maas, use Holmes as a slotback and give him a few end arounds, and we might be able to pull out a win.

Do exactly what you did this week, but with a few fewer penalites. You'll win.

my game plan.............

START CHANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My game plan... watch the game from the comfort of my living room and let Taaffe do his thing
(and not start Chang)

My game plan is get a case of beer and a pizza and either celebrate with the beer or cry in it yet again. It doesn't matter what I want Taffe and company are running the show and we'll have to live with the results. Chang or Maas the results are likely to be the same but with Chang we have a chance of taking the next step towards a respectable offensive performance this season. I can only hope but ultimately its not my call.

Trick play, every play.

Great idea!

Run the Boise State offence.

one word, LUMSDEN

YES YES YES but the BEAST to work.

Plus do what we did against BC but step it up a pace

Keep adding to the offensive plan. First it's Corey time. 10 touches at minimum off of the overplay on Lumsden. Run Jesse early and Holmes off him. The same screen pass perhaps middle to Holmes. Add more slot passes and catch the ball, no more easy drops!

I think pressure on Glen should be relentless and I like the idea of blitzing Moreno a couple of times and Karikari a couple of times but cover, cover, cover.

Use Nick Setta for field position, he's awesome and most importantly win the coin flip and take the ball to start.

Seriously, I think we can win but as so many others have said the team must stay away from penalties incurred by lacks in discipline.

Go cats go!!