Game Pictures - July 14 2006

Hey folks, I know I didn't post pics from the home opener.. my apologies.. there is one picture I want to share from that game though..

Now onto our win against Calgary...

Here's the teasers..

You can find the rest HERE.

As always, awesome pics.
Thanks for sharing.

LOVE the first pic, Cara.

Great Pics C.

Where is me? :smiley:

Thanks!! I decided I wanted to remember Travis in a more visible, permanent way.. so I had his number embroidered on the back of my ticats hat. :slight_smile:

I must say I liked the idea as well. It looks quite similar to what the team has on the back of its helmets, and so it only seems appropriate for fans to commemorate him by having the number 57 on the backs of their hats.

And the pictures were once again quite good. I liked this one:

Looks like Corey Holmes may be throwing a few more deep passes on trick plays this year. He sure can do it all.


Thanks BYF. If anyone is interested, I got mine done at Stitch It at Eastgate Mall. It cost $8 and took about 4 days or so to get done. There are lots of different fonts and sizes available... I got mine done that way because, as BYF said, it kinda looks like the 57 Remembered on the back of the player helmets.

Good pics caiteag! :thup: