Game Over

Eskimos 27, Lions 20. Over 140 yards rushing for the Esks. Another 300+ yard passing night for Ray.

Where are all the people that want to post repeatedly about who is in LAST PLACE?? As if being in LAST PLACE this early in the season means anything. Aren't the Riders in LAST PLACE right now?

I hope you Eskie haters aren't stupid enough to let your ramblings here affect your official picks. Cuz you just blew this one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Congrats on bouncing back with a win after the butt kicking.....2 things, that grass at Commonwealth is a joke in this day and age and so is that BC defence...

riders had a bye week CHEATERS.

Hmmm just maybe that win by the Bombers was fluke! Just maybe! :lol:

I was thinkin the same thing....about the Stamps that is......but of course I would never come right out and say it..

Warner, I've just found an interesting stat for you. Ever since the Eskimos existed, they been the team playing the most games at Commonwealth stadium. Go meditate on that one.

Edmonton played a good game and deserved the W, BC didnt have their A game,and it showed. The Eskimos found their running game and full marks to them for rebounding after a horrible game last week. I do agree with Piggy, however , that the grass played a factor in the win, Simon had a sure touchdown if he did not slip, and that may have affected the outcome of the game. The big suprise in this game was Montford. All the Rider fans wanted him, but he takes a stupid penalty and gets himself DQed, I hope all the fans that wanted Sask to sign him were watching his antics.

warner, the grass field sucked tonight, it made for a sloppy game, that is all...

Yes and what did I say about natural turf! But the thing here is both teams play on it! :lol:

did you notice how fast that storm came up out of nowhere after BC scored their TD....uncle Hughie just had to throw the switch....

Here we go with the natural grass/artificial turf thing again. I do agree with warner :o , that football should be played on natural grass.

hey sambo whos in last now bitch.

yah natural grass is better then tht plastic marble shit..this is real football. on GRASSSS . what your supposed to play it on..morons

It's no wonder that the CFL is considered bush league by some, considering the ignorance of our fans.
WHOA DUDE,WARNER [i][u]DO NOT[/u][/i] RIP ALL CFL FANS BECAUSE OF A COUPLE DUMBA$SES ON THIS FORUM [i]take this stuff w/ a grain of salt[/i]

Iunno, who is in last now raw*****?

People still calling edmonton weak now after beating questionably the best team in the CFL thought by many.

Maybe the Bombers will get some credit for crushing the eskimos now.

Looks like the rodents are crawling out of the woodwork. Was so peaceful last weekend.

On the natural grass/turf debate, a few years ago I would have definitely sided with the natural grass side. But now the technology has come along where field turf has surpassed natural grass. Field turf would have kept the surface less slippery and let the players show their football skills and not how well they can keep their traction.

And someone must agree with me because I've read reports (in the leader post) that Edmonton is 50/50 on replacing the grass with field turf.

And 20 of the 32 NFL teams disagree with you, as they CHOOSE to have natural grass as their playing surface. Do you seriously think that any of these 20 NFL teams choose natural grass because they can't afford to replace it with some sort of turf? Come on, get serious. Natural grass is the surface of choice in the most elite (not most entertaining) football league in the world. At a minimum, calling grass a joke surface to play football on is ignorant.

The conditions are SUPPOSED to play a factor in a football game. If the argument against grass is that if it rains, the grass can be a factor in the game, then long before we replace the grass at Commonwealth, the CFL should suspend operations until all CFL cities have built domed stadiums. Do you not think the wind at Mosaic Stadium in Regina can play a major factor in the game? Do you not think a minus 15 degree Celcius November day, plus windchill, on the prairies can play a factor in the game? What about when it snows during the playoffs? Successful football teams find ways to overcome the elements. Losing football teams find a way to blame the elements on their losses.

.....which should never happen, since the elements are exactly the same for both teams involved. Like you said, good teams overcome - or better yet, manage - the elements.

Yea, you're right. It's a good thing you didn't sign Montford cause he took a penatly and got ejected. What a waste of money signing him would have been. Montford is just the next Buris. A guy who wants nothing to do with Regina and the Riders. Don't get down on him for that.

I guarantee you the next meeting between the Esks and Bombers is going to go the other way. The bombers will be on the loosing end.

Let's face it. That win by the Bombers was an anomoly. I've never seen so many things go wrong in a single game.