Game one predictions! Cats at Riders

I say Fajardo gets pounded by our D. Can you repeat after me…overrated! Forces passes and gets taken down into the turf repeatedly.

Our kicking game is still a serious mystery.

Dane needs protection.

Can our revamped D line do its job? The rest of the defence should be solid.

Looking forward to seeing Dane, Simoni, Dunbar, Addison, Jackson and Adeleke doing their thing!

More scoring with the hash marks moved in.

32 - 26 Cats with the Riders scoring a late and irrelevant 7 included in that score.

Can’t wait!


I love it but can't understand why you would give the Sliders 26 points even if the final 7 are irrelevant . :smiley:

Ahhhh, must be the home town factor. The tightened hashes I believe will open up the field for the offences too. When it counts I only give them 19 points.

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I think our offence will be just a little slow out of the gate to start the season, but our defence won’t. I predict a 19-17 Ticats win to break the seal at New Mosaic. I’m hoping we win twice there this season!

I say we get one first half TD and Domagala goes a perfect 4 for 4.

I’m usually really bad at this so if you’re the gambling type, play the over!


I'm all in on
Ticats 24 - SSK 9 for the road win!


Sask the temple of death for past Hamilton teams.
Opening home game with a WOW'ed up crowd.

I will put my "what I think hat on" and not the "what I hope hat"
Predicting the Cats O will struggle to score. Will move between the 20s and our punting game will let us down.

27-20 green goblins...of course I hope I am wrong.

The Riders' depth chart is out. It appears they'll only dress 2 QBs, with their 45th man being an extra National.

And the TiCats have tweeted:

They've put Brooks on th 6-Game and Morton, Whitford, Nelson, Hills, Crawford,
Anthony Johnson, Diallo and Autry on thre 1-Game Injured Lists.

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Tough assessment of a Punter we’ve never seen play! I just saw the depth chart and Laryea gets the nod ahead of Whitford. With the American punting, Gnahoua gets into the lineup. STE gets the start ahead of Jackson as we go all American on the DL with 6 CDNs on O and just Adeleke starting on D. I would expect we see Burt and Jackson in for Papi and STE with some regularity. Johnson is not on the roster. PLENTY of surprises!

I prefer the standard depth chart much more than the jersey one posted above.

I'm with you on that.
A couple of unexpected things -- Laryea punting and Thomas Erlington the starting RB.


Excited to see Woods returning kicks...he has a monster resume from University as a return man.

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WELL based on the fact that his career kicking average does not start with a 5_ or a 4_ and he is an import I am jumping the shark.

Me to bobo


I'm curious about this Laryea . He's only been in town a few days so I'm wondering if he has impressed that much to warrant a roster spot or if perhaps Whitford is legitimately injured and this is a trial by fire approach .

The one thing I really don't like is the fact that he is an American and placing him on the roster will effectively leave us one import player short who can rotate in and also play specials .

It's also interesting to note that the other Global punter Blake Hayes is still on the PR so effectively we are carrying 3 punters as of right now . 2 globe and 1 American .

I think the team is VERY comfortable with Ghanoua on Special Teams at this point. If we can upgrade at Punter by including him on Teams I’m all for it!


Well it remains to be seen if indeed this guy is an upgrade or not . I guess we will find out tomorrow night . As the old saying goes " it can't possibly get any worse...or can it ? " . By the sounds of it this guy doesn't exactly have a big leg when you consider his career avg in college was a somewhat rather below pedestrian like 39.4 yds a punt .


My guess is that Whitford does have some injury and that if Blake doesn't also, Laryea had a considerably better couple of days punting this week, compared to Blake. Nothing else, I can think of, would make this roster surprise seem sensible.


I didn’t even notice Erlington slotted in as a starter. So if they want to put in Jackson they’ll probably need to bring in Burt at the same time unless they put Kiondre Smith at the another receiving spot. Not sure I agree with keeping Jackson off the starting unit.


I'm not happy about that either. Last year when they finally inserted Jackson on a regular basis he ended up being a gamebreaker. He makes the offence that much more potent.

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Laryea did kick one about 59 yards at Abilene Christian.

(Have the sound on for play-by-play)

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