Game on Wednesday

How Come?

Probably has to do with scheduling. There is a soccer match on the Friday, Inter Milan vs a Greek team. Should be a gooder actually.
Anyways maybe they have to change some things at the dome for that that takes longer than 24 hrs.

Also I think its great as that will be the only North American Sport playing on Wednesday as its the All-star Break in the MLB. Gaurenteed highlight of the night. I have been advocating that they play on the night that they don't have anything for a few years now.
Good work CFL :thup:

That game is in August. The Rogers Centre schedule says Friday's game is between Manchester United vs. Celtic FC.

Anyone know how long it takes to change the markings on the field? With the Bills playing on Aug 19 and the Argos on Aug 20 are there any concerns about the field for the Argos game?

My Bad. Wrong Game, right sport

Anyone in Metro Toronto going to the Man U - Celtic exhibition? I hope they do not goof off in the second half if you go, but those are fun all the same. GO CELTIC! :rockin: