Game on TV Today!

for anyone who has not heard yet, the game from Hamilton will be on Shaw TV channel 9!

If you have MTS TV, time to visit a friends house. They are also showing it at the York hotel downtown.

I'm taping the game go me. lol.

...wonder why tsn can't find the time to put on a couple of pre-season games....i know the interest for most viewers is in the reg. season.....but for a lot of die-hards...such as myself....i would like to get a better over-view of the talent trying out for the various clubs....specially the Bombers....guess the CFL doesn't some minds... :roll: :roll:

All sponsors Papa. TSN probably couldn't get enough signed on to cover production costs. WHereas, if Shaw in Manitoba is the same as in BC, the camera men are volunteers, practicing to be hired for the real networks. Production costs will be a lot lower. me sport ....maximizing the exposure = dollars at some point ...i think this is where our new governor has to do some selling .......other leagues manage to get their product on the airwaves....exhibition or not....i think its time the CFL and the media that handles them, starts to evolve.....the sponsors are there just takes people who can find them... :wink: :rockin: :thup:

heh....what's happening to this ...i like it.....well at least this board is evolving.....

When the hell is Japan going to wake up and realize that the CFL is a great game too!
Sure we get the NFL but I can't wait for that! I want some football NOW!!!
I wish JSport+ would put some on.

Any Bomber fans in Japan??? I'm buying... :smiley: