Just got home end of first quarter. Game on TSN HD

up no blackout

I wish it wasn't now..that was a pathetic half!
hope the second half gets better!!

Well I don't have TSN-HD. After buying season seats for my son & I, for the last three years, enduring those dismal seasons, then having my sons seat go from $149 to $700...Now a black out...Hey Bob, you just lost an 11 year old fan, one who has even flown with the Cats to Regina. Do you even care?

Wasn't this tried years ago?

Wrong thread Donut.

Sorry...that's surely an old picture.

where were your seats? they went from $149 to $700? Please explain how...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Not sons. (I believe it says my son, and he's now 11) We were in Box I and it is now rated higher than before and no longer is a youth seat available. Mine went up like everyone elses.

Oh yes they offered to move us to a less desireable location...I'm in business myself and if I treated my customers so well after failing miserably at what was promised...Oh well...I guess I'm just sore about the whole situation. No reason to ruin your enjoyment of this fine organization.

Good luck with the season, and hey ... you can always look forward to your discount next season.

You seem to be mocking me for some reason... Contact Mr. Mitchell and ask what a season seat was Box I row 9 for a youth last year, and what that same seat would cost for a youth this season.