Game on Saturday....

Who will be at the game on saturday. I think we should be loud, and show that we support our team (no matter how badly they are playing) because
A) Its against the Argos and
B) Its their home opener.

Also can we Boo Belli and O'Shea and Pinball really loud. After all, pinball is the ugliest cheerleader the CFL has.

No! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all to these men unless, of course, you embelish it with some positiveness.

eg: Booooooooooo Belli, we love you!

eg2: Hey Belli Belli, booooooooooooooooooooo! Carry on you're doing great.

eg3: Yo, Pinner! You're ugly, but that was a great personell change when you yanked Allen.

"Me and Jesus Christ go down to Tiger-Cats Labour Day game.
We boo the hated toronto argonauts from the visitors stands, I always knew that
our Lord and Saviour was gonna be Hamilton T-t-tiger-cats fan.
And Pinball Clemons says 'God why have you forsaken me?'
And Jesus says 'Well Pinball you're just coaching the wrong team'.
And then the argos lose by a trillion points.
And choirs of angels come down and sing 'argos s***'.
Cause I always knew that Jesus was from Hamilton,
I always knew that Jesus was from H-h-hamilton."

-b.a. johnston

I'll be there, but those two are not important enough to merit boos, IMO. That takes way too much energy. It also makes them feel like they matter when they really don't. :wink:

So has the pain in everyones butt finally subsided????

That was quite funny! :lol:

Hopefully Maas will be on a very short leash unless he takes over the game and takes advantage of Bishops first start. We got to hit them fast and often, don't let Bishop into the game. If we end it early, we'll cruise. I don't know what's wrong with Maas but man he scares me when he goes deep,it's like he floats it up there.

He floats it because he's still favouring his shoulder and can't fully extend his arm with full force. It's so obvious a quack can see it.

I'd boo my own mother before I'd boo Pinball.
He's on my un-boo-able list. A very short far it's a list of one.

I'll be there!!!!

Can't make any promises, I might boo, I might cheer, it all depends how the CANADIANS are going down that night. lol

I don't care what happens, everytime Steve Christie touches that field, I am going to cheer as loud as I possibly can. I love that guy!

I have to agree with you on this one. I'd boo your mother before I would boo Pinball, too.

Just kidding, slodrive2, just kidding. :wink:

In all seriousness, Pinball is one the nicest people around. Truly a class act.

To Maas and Taaffe: Just win the gaame !!!

I can't make it Saturday, which is real unfortunate because there's nothing I like to see more than an unruly Steeltown crowd getting all over the coach and quarterback to give the team a home field kind of advantage - the other team, in this case.

ill be there, should be a good game hopefully.

short and sweet :slight_smile:

I fully agree. No nagging about certain players from me.. just win!@#

That made me laugh out loud when i read it..for real. Nice job!!