Game on Saturday Sold Out?????

Just wondering how ticket sales are going for saturday, hope its a sell out, anyone know????? See you all there!!!!

not yet - said there were about 2100 tickets remaining as of this morning.

good crowd though... :slight_smile: GOOO RIDERS! -- cheer loud!

Time to turf the snow boys from Edmonchuk! Stomp on them and lay them to rest for good!

Damn wish I didnt have to work tonight. So anyone heard if the blackout is lifted on TSN yet?

So does this mean if Sask beats the Esks today that Edmonton has no chance to make the playoffs? I am a Lions fan but I am Pulling for Sask in this one. By the way great game last week!!

Pretty sure the black-out has been lifted, but it will be a beautiful night to watch football, so if you are able to go, buy a ticket....

As for the 'Smoes, the earliest they can be mathamatically eliminated, is Thanksgiving!