Game on Canada Day... not smart...

I know that Canada Day is pretty much a non event everywhere else but in Ottawa however I really think that they didn’t really think of Ottawa’s franchise interests when the schedule monkeys put that one together…

Sure the idea makes for good TV but not if the stands are empty… If the CFL thinks that a big crowd on Canada Day in Ottawa is a sure thing they are wrong…

Common. Attendance in Ottawa on weekends in the summer is always really affected by the cottage country people getting out the city for the weekend.

I don’t want to be negative but I grew in our beloved city and in the summer tix sales @ FCS in the summer on weekends is always lower then Wed-Thur games.

I think scheduling a game on Canada day in Ottawa is not smart. Everybody who hates crowds will be at the cottage and anybody looking for a crowd / party will be downtown with the other million people on parlement hill.


I don’t think that Canada Day is a bad day to have the game - but it should have been a 1pm start. The only reason I’m not going is the 6pm start.

Two camps for CD in the capital:
Group One goes downtown for the party, and a late game would cut into the CD activities downtown.
Group Two wants to steer clear of the downtown party and a late game makes it impossible to get back early to the backyard BBQ’s and pools.

A 1pm start would let those who want to stay downtown go from the game right to the HIll, and those that want to get out of downtown to get out before the crowds get too big.

I think that was their intent: have an early start so that people could still go to the Hill if they wanted to. Perhaps they should have started it at 1, as suggested. We’ll see how it goes! I’m still psyched! Go Gades Go: kick some Eskimo but!

I think it’s a good idea to have it on July 1st.

I live in Gatineau and I will be attending the game, and you have to remeber since this is a Day Off…i’m sure a lot of Montrealers are going to drive to FC stadium to watch the game, as always.

I love the Canada Day 6pm start. Gives you most of the morning/afternoon to do whatever you want downtown, or stay home…then gives you plenty of time to get everyone together for a few beers, BBQ, then the game…perfect!

I don’t live in Ottawa, but think that would be cool as hell! Go to the game in the afternoon, get some supper after that, then take in the Canada Day celebrations.

If the weather cooperates, that sounds like a fantastic time!

I agree! I couldn’t imagine a better canada day! GO canada GO!

nothing wrong with the 6PM start. Game should be over by 9ish, which give people a lot of time to get downtown to catch the fireworks. And i’m sure there will be a lot of Al’s fans at FCS that day, should be pretty fun.

I’m not sure about the 6pm start. That’s barely enough time to get back downtown, and it means that I’m going to be missing the BBQs my friends are having. I do know people who would’ve come to the game but they’re going to be drunk on Parlaiment Hill instead. Then again, since all of downtown is a giant party, it probably is a good idea to have it on national TV on Canada Day.

I just hope the Gades sort out the O Line in time for the Als.

I don’t think you’ll see as many Al’s fans as in the past.

The $99 season tix thing totally went off. Everything is sold out.

Is that for sure that it sold out? I had some friends go this morning and said there was about 2000 ppl at the Coliseum

In summer for some markets…teams have their lowest crowds…cottage country …near, HAMILTON and TORONTO…

Is it true that OTTAWA sold 5,800 seasons tickets tonight?

Things always get better on and after Labour Day.

Saw on the news that they sold 6000 season tix @ the Colosium and SilverCity locations.