Game officials

When is the CFL going to open their eyes and look at the officiating ie Montreal-BC game .

I have seen a lot of crap refereeing in my life but the refereeing in BC Place by the homer officials there always takes the cake. The refereeing in the Western final three years ago between Saskatchewan and BC was probably the most egregious but tonight's game between Montreal and BC deserves special mention. Running the same third and one play three times, first because of a phantom timeout and second because of a phantom penalty or was it a phantom timeclock issue that clearly did not exist, all to wipe out first a first down and then a touchdown, until finally on their third try Montreal failed to make third and one was pretty much the piece de resistance. Take your BC officiating and shove it where the sun don't shine. I am sick of watching your crap product!

You’re both full of crap, absolutely full of crap.

You could see in the replay the line judge waving his arms for the timeout long before the ball was snapped, he was almost 8 yards out of position when the ball was snapped. Dead play.

The game clock read 53 seconds, and Toronto called the review to stop the play. Re-set the clock to 1 minute where it should have been due to the timeout being called earlier. Dead play.

There were no phantom calls, and it’s not the officials fault that you guys don’t know the rules of the game. It’s like you guys wanted the Leos to lose, and will whine and complain, ignoring the FACTS of the matter. If it had happened to the Leos, you wouldn’t complain at all.


LOL how was that a phantom timeout? Was that a phantom running from the sideline to the field waving his arms in the air? If that was, we all saw a ghost and that's kind of creepy.

Overall CFL officials usually look dazed and confused out there but these calls may look suspicious because they were stopped on their 3rd try but they were not robbed.

I"m not surprised at that comment comming from a BC fan . This is only one example,and I"m not pickicking on the lions,I think it's CFL wide.

It's a tough game to officiate but i wish they would huddle up more often and use majority rules when making iffy calls that can decide games.

The Als caught a break. The first time, it was a time out, so the play was dead. No issue there. 2nd play, there was a flag and Montreal was supposed to be called for procedure. So should that play went through, it would have been 3rd and 6 and not 3 and 1. This is the reason why Wally was pissed. It was the Als that caught a break.

The only problem was that the ref didn't explain it properly on the field leaving ppl confused as hell.

okay maybe montreal did get screwed. If that wasn't a dead play....the penalty was offside the TD would have stood. :oops:

That's accoring to Rick Ball the Lions PBP guy on Team1040. Wally was pissed off but he was mistaken thinking it was a Montreal penalty.

I have seen TSN show the replay of timeouts being called when it comes at an unexpected time . . . I was waiting for that replay.

There was no timeout called because I have seen no replay. It is that simple. The time out came at a strikingly convienent spot. Show us the replay. This is how it is normally handled. Show us the replay. Show me the hands forming a T shape. That is all I need to see.

As for the dead play . . . it was pathetic. The Refs were all standing there ready for the snap and they all followed along the play as it normally would go. I repeat, they were all in their positions and they were all waiting for the snap. Then suddenly Buddy McGee gotta' go check with his boss in Toronto?

Weakest ever.

Anybody who is familiar with the term "Montreal Screwjob" from the WWF days can now refer to this as the new "Montreal Screwjob".

Those refs woulda' kept making up garbage until the Als were stuffed.

Ugly but I"ll compare it to a a fight where you let it go to a decision. You finish and Trestman is going to have to find for his team to take bigger chunks of real estate or they will have more and more problems putting up points on the board.

All the Als had to do was play better. I'm a lot more pissed at Watkins extremely poor handling of the football for the loss than a dumb decision by the ref to mess with the clock. Very selfish attitude by Watkins.

In the end the game means nothing for the Als, it might down the road but at this point it keeps the Lions in the bunch. Should be an interesting game next week.

To be fair, they did show the replay of the official calling the timeout. He was running and waving his arms in the air to stop the play. Due to the noise, no one noticed, and the play went ahead. It was everything after that that was total crap.

I think no matter what team you pull for, after investing 3 hours you expect that the game would be in the hands of the teams not the officials, that always annoys me but the CFL has done so much to improve the refereeing from better training, to video, to central command. What happened is an anomaly...

I don't like the idea of calling timeouts after the play is initiated, if you make an analogy to hockey, can you imagine a coach calling a timeout while the other team is on a breakaway. Once the Center puts his hands on the ball there should be no timeouts allowed. Unfortunately timeouts are used in an anti-sportmsman way and it takes away from the game. People pay to watch guys make plays. Not coach mess with players or refs anticipating.

Did Rick Ball see any type of signal on what the penalty would have been? It might have been a holding call on Montreal for Brodeur-Jourdain holding Brent Johnson.

As for people saying there was already a minute on the clock, were you at the game? The clock that TSN shows at the bottom of the screen is NOT the official game clock ([url][/url]). The TSN clock showed 1:00 but that doesn't mean that the game clock had been reset. TSN didn't show the time on the actual game clock until AFTER the Cobourne play was ruled dead.

On the second try when Cobourne got in the endzone, did anyone actually see or hear the head referee blow in the play? There have been games in the past where plays have been run before the referee had whistled it in because of the noise. IMO, this was another one of those time.

HfxTC, I disagree with your analogy. Calling a time out before the ball is snapped is the same as calling a time out just before the linesman drops the puck on a face-off. The clock may be running but the play doesn't start until the snap of the ball.


Certainly watching highlights of the plays in question makes it look suspicious, although I didn't see the actual game (yet) to get a better perspective on it.

I think the bigger question is why does Montreal always play like garbage in BC place? They are a MUCH better team than the Bombers who went in there and destroyed the Lions last week, I guess that's why they play the games eh?

That's fair, but in football there are formations declared at the line of scrimmage but I see your point.

I'll bet that some time next week Tom Higgins will address the matter in a column at


That's what I'm waiting for. I want the league to issue a statement clearly explaining what happened, because right now, no one knows anything for sure, and nothing about the issue makes any sense. So I'm going to wait for Higgins or someone else from the league to explain it.

Edit: I don't think Thryllin is going to hold his breath, though... :lol:

You’re right! :oops: . . . . . . . . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Blatantly poor officiating.

We are forgetting the fact that somehow Jackson’s plunge at the end of the game was barely if at all across the 1st down line, then somehow the refs magically have it sitting a foot and a half past the marker!