Game of WEEK # 6

Is it , B.C. @ TORONTO , on this holiday Monday , in , Ontario , Aug. , 6th , 2012? :thup:

This game is any one's game to take. :o
Will the attendance in Toronto be better than at the last game after those amazing T.V. ratings?


Friday Night Football , Montreal @ Winnipeg? :thup:

Can Montreal come back to .500 or will WINNIPEG , get it's 2nd , win @ HOME? :o

Congrats to Winnipeg fans for your excellent fan support :thup:

my patio... as neither of these games really interest me that much.

And YOU call yourself a CFL fan??? :lol: :wink:

my thoughts exactly. without the laugh and the wink.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

But this game sure does though; Sask. at Edmonton - thus no patio for you.... :stuck_out_tongue:

One battle for first place and one battle for last place. The Braley Bowl take it.

Battle of the Braley owned teams... meh

If the Bumbers win Friday, look for a GC parade route thread!

Shouldn't you care about the B.C. @ TORONTO game?

If I was a SASK. fan , I would want B.C. to bomb out.? :wink:

:lol: so true

Stores in Saskcrotchewan running out of panic buttoms? :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

"Amazing TV ratings" ??? the game didn't make the top 30. Before we start posting about the great ratings for Argo games how about waiting until the official ratings are published. The ratings may have been good for TSN but under 800,000. It's summer and I expect the ratings won't be as high as they are after the summer.

[url=] ... 232012.pdf[/url]

As it states at the bottom of your link.


They don't give us the FRENCH Channels numbers [for RDS , in , QUEBEC].

So that makes the ARGO / HAMILTON T.V. ratings look even better. :thup:

I would fully read ALL of the 2 threads :

" MORE Great News for the CFL " &

" WEEK 5 T.V. : LEAGUE AVERAGE AT 813, 250 " again. :thup:

All the proof that we need is in those 2 threads. :lol:

Man, you wish your precious M(inor)LS and the Toronto (who) F@#$#@%@ Cares would get are getting even close the ratings the CFL and the Argos get!!!!!!!!! Please go back to your precious redpatch boys and stop trolling here!!!!! Please!!! :x :x :x

here , here :thup: