Game of Thrones - The Final Season

Anyone else planning to watch ?
Only a week away now, and I’m so hyped.

Yep I am totally pumped up . Too much maybe as I don’t want to be disappointed .

I have watched the series from beginning to end now three times .

After Breaking Bad I said that’s it I have watched the best show I will ever watch .

Then GOT came along and season one it was meh but after that season it was like a rocket taking off . It just got bigger and better after each episode .

Johnny tried watching GOT. Never understood the appeal. :frowning:

X 2

Who wants to bet the series ends with Westeros becomes a democracy?

Get thru the first season ( it was meh for me too ) then the second season it starts to build . It will catch you off guard it’s that good of a pull on story telling .

It has so many plots and characters it has to introduce it’s over whelming but once you get the gist you will be very happy you did .

If you loved Deadwood you will love GOT . It will not allow you to sit easy as the twists will freak you out especially of you don’t read the books .

The villains are freakin villains like major freakin villainsno comic book fluffy stuff .

The characters like the HOUND , Ramsay Bolton and Little Fingerwill make you want to watch alone . Too many to list . Like really interesting guys you will want to see what happens .

Thanks Hank! Might give it another chance.

Yup, I always tell people that if they plan to watch the show they should at least get to season 1 episode 9, or there’s just no point in bothering with the show. Starts off slow, and is all about introducing characters in the first season, but from episode 9 and on it gets a lot more interesting, faster paced, and engaging/entertaining.

I’ve never understood the appeal of GoT.

I think you have to watch it from the beginning until now .

I am actually afraid the end will disappoint me .

Probably some where around season 2 you will start watching and you will be unable to stop . Like an addiction that stimulates you ; it will stir your thoughts . They push a very adult level of story telling with no politics and no kiddie sweets anywhere in sight for you to nibble on .

It’s a build like a roller coaster and about the second season it will feel like each episode is a mini movie .

Definitely the first season I was meh and didn’t care much about the characters .

Then after they started to shake it up where no one is safe made me a fan .

It’s completely new style of story telling . At least for me .

The theme for Game of thrones always gets me pumped for the show .

Here is a orchestra playing the HBO theme . HBO has great opening theme music whether it’s Rome , Westworld or GOT .

It seems there are a lot of you GOT fans.

the HBO series roared back to 11.8 million on-air broadcast viewers Sunday in the United States. That was slightly below the 12.07 million who watched the season seven finale nearly two years ago, but well above the 10.01 million who tuned in for the season seven premiere.

Across all platforms, including streaming on HBO GO, it is calculated that 17.4 million caught the season eight premiere. That’s the biggest U.S.audience for Game of Thrones ever, topping the 16.9 million who watched the season seven finale on its opening night.

In Canada, according to a Bell Media release, a total of 2.9 million viewers watched the HBO series Sunday night across both linear and on-demand streaming platforms. Of that total, 2.1 million saw the [i]Game of Thrones[/i] episode on linear. That makes the season eight premiere the most-watched episode in Canadian Entertainment Specialty (translation: non-sports) as well as Pay-TV history. It also set a single day record for most streams in Crave history.
Most important to Bell’s bottom line, the episode set another record– the biggest single week spike in Crave direct-to-consumers subscriptions. Bell says they went up 1000 per cent the week leading up to the season premiere episode and jumped to over 3000 per cent on Sunday.

Wow a pretty costly episode tonight .

Intense fighting from every perspective of the full slate of characters .

A little World War Z movie action for those that have seen that one .

Only three episodes left .

Agree on the music. The “Deadwood” opening theme is also very good.

Great theme music I like the opening credits with the woman slipping slowly into the tub .


Thanks Johnny interesting article on her ; glad others thought the few seconds was intriguing as me .

It was a woman writing it ; so it was less sinister tracking her down .

A lot of people are dumping on this season. Is it bad?

It is trying to sum up too much like regular TV/movies . It’s not being as pure the last few seasons to it’s non formula set up that the creator Martin inspired .

From listening to people who love the books there is 12 to 15 years worth of material but they removed tons of material and hurt the logical grittier tone to the advancement of the story /time line and maybe ratings for popular characters .

The last episode had some TV/Movie formula we all hate but with only three shows left it’s trying too hard to finalize the show .

After going thru critics and comments section I would say they are right on with their criticism of the show .

However I am too invested in the show and will need to see it thru to see where it takes me .