Game of the year

Watching some of the year end highlight packages and have to believe game of the year was the Stamps / Esks in Edmonton in either the Labor Day game or the rematch. Right down to the last play.

Play of the year had to be Bryan Burnham getting his toe down for the 2 point convert against Hamilton. More like that please.

Actually, I REALLY like the idea of an official Game of the Year. It could be replayed after The Grey Cup, maybe on New Year's day. Fans could vote on it from a list of 3 or 4 games chosen by the players, coaches, and reporters. The Play of the Year could be highlighted during the game.

That Calgary-Edmonton rematch was a fantastic game, with the hail Mary at the end that just missed. It's not often I get excited watching replays, but there were several plays in that game that actually increased my heart rate — Romar Morris's 75 yard run from scrimmage was one of them.