Game of the year, tonight! 8pm MST!! Riders vs Esks!

This game should easily be the game of the year… a chance for the Riders to put the Esks virtually out of the playoffs! All that would need to happen then is for the Riders to win 1 game and it’s theirs! The Esks would then be done!

How sweet it will be!

This game has the stadium sold out, and the Fans reeling for a pounding!

Watch the game of the year!

Fitting that it would be up to the Roughriders to make Edmonton finished!

i am speedin back from the argo/stamps game to catch this BIG game!

The game or games of the year will be the back to back B.C./Calgary games when the top two teams in the CFL battle it out.

This game will more than likely be blacked out in Saskatchewan, so I will miss the game, the blackout rule should be turfed once and for all.

I hope you're wrong, Sambo, as I can't make it to this one.....but last I heard there were less than 1000 tickets left (as of yesterday, not including the temp Stones seating) could happen.....

They could lift the blackout, but I wont be holding my breath on that one..

Riders folded like a cheap tent to end that game. What a shock. :roll:

Game of the year....maybe not.

Play of the year....quite possibly.

I liked that final drive by Ray. Once again, took control of the game by throwing deep and scrambling.

I'd give anything for the Riders to actually grow a win!