game of the week

has gotta be EDM vs WPG.

These two upstarts should put on a show. So.....who wins this one?

I would have to say the Esks. Reilly and co. got it going on. Peg pulled out their last two wins in the dying moments.

Feel good for the fans of Wpg, but I think they hit the wall on this one.

So what is the collective wisdom out there? EE or BB?

I gotta go with the Esks on this one... :cowboy:

The Bombers … of course. But I'll say this: two cool-as-cucumber QBs are going to make this game a good one!

Green and gold!
Liking the pairing of Reilly and Bowman.

It could be a real shootout, with the last team with the ball winning.
The Peg for me.

without looking at the schedule, I say the home team wins.

I also predict it wont be as close as expected for some reason.

Then there is the following question. With the other 4 of my top 5 players from last year out, how safe is Reilly :frowning:

I'd say the green and gold yes I am a homer I'd admit that but I do think they have one of the best if not the best D right now in the league. :cowboy:

I can't see the Bombers D. scoring 2 against Edmonton or the Eskimos D. dropping balls that hit them in the hands with the game on the line. Eskimos by 10.

I'm leaning towards Edmonton but man, playing in the 'Peg is pretty much like playing in Regina.

This should be a great game. Looking forward to it.

…prefer O’Shea over Jones so I’m rootin for the bombers…

I feel home field advantage is going to be the difference in this one and I think O'Shea knows Jones' defense better. Still think the Stamps are the team to beat this year though.

well, I was half right. Wasn't very close.

meanwhile qb ratings for both QBs take a nosedive.

All I can say is ... sure is nice when you pick the underdog in the VGCC and score a win. 8)