Game of the Week TSN2 ! ? Tonight ! ?

Yup ! Bombers/Riders. What a JOKE !! The other 3 Games were outstanding and anyone of those could be the game of the year, BUT the way the Rider Fans are they stuff the ballot box to watch that mess of a game. Come on TSN you have the power to over ride that terrible decision !! :thdn:

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Hardly surprising, though. Those votes are a joke and fans just vote for their team if their team won that week.

Bombers and Riders have the most stay at home voters by far.

On the web site the game of the week is Stamps/Esks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^^ That’s probably more accurate. Esks/Stamps and Lions/Als were the best games. Riders/Bombers wasn’t a game, and who wants to watch the Cats collapse in the second half, again!

Your right, i would rather watch Edmonton collapse :stuck_out_tongue:

It's a joke! Winnipeg at Saskatchewan is on. The worst game of the Labour Day weekend.


TSN really should change the format; replaying an atrocity of a game like this is bad for them, and for the network. If fans can't be trusted to make reasonable picks for game of the week, the decision shouldn't be up to them. I can't imagine how a close, well-played game between the top two teams in the league (BC and Montreal) ISN'T the consensus choice this week.

I voted Toronto at Hamilton; and when the result came up - I was surprised. But on the other hand; is this a wake up call on such for next week as for the Blue Bombers to respond?

I DO, I DO, I DO!!!!!!!!! Well I'd at least like to see it once. Missed both Labour Day games because I was driving from Trenton to Fredericton. Did get to listen to the Ti-Cats collapse on Sirius and if the watching is even half as much fun as listening was.......

I must say, after listening to the Hamilton radio broadcast that I have been totally wrong about Duane Forde. I didn't catch his name but the guy doing colour on the Hamilton radio broadcast was horrible. Among many classics he opined that Toronto "almost has to go for the field goal if this is short of the first down" on Ray's 2nd and 9 pass to Kackert with 30 seconds to go in the game. Really!?? You don't even consider going for the 1st down? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, the BC/Als game was great and if the Calgary/Edmonton was as good as it sounded on the radio that would be a good choice too, but even Riders fans have to admit this was a dumb choice. Fun to watch for Rider fans at the time but not game of the week. :roll:

Funny, I'm watching the Argos/TiCats on TSN2 as we speak

I saw it on the program guide so I PRV'd it last night and will watch the Ti-Cat meltdown tonight. It's almost more fun knowing it's going to happen. :lol: