Game of the week; Als vs Sask. in week #3(Merged)

Cheer Hard????? Bah Hah!
Sure Tatlor field gets loud, but not from cheering. The people in green boo opponents louder than cheer for their own team! They really can't help it, I think it is because they would rather see other fail than there own team excel. It's a provincial charactersitic.

Yeah...that's definitely not the way it went down last time I was at "Tatlor" Field...

Below the belt Agent 13, OW!! Taylor Field is the football shrine of the CFL!! And Rider fans are supreme!! Look at the stands when the Riders play away, i've seen more Rider fans in the stands at Commonwealth, McMahon, & BC place than hometown fans!! And Taylor Field looked to be the fullest stadium so far this year, and last year, and the year before!! Winning at Taylor Field has redefined how hard it is to win a road game, hardest stop in the West!!! And if Saskatchewan has any provincial characteristic, it's PRIDE!! I don't mind getting on this blog and nattering about football, bragging, wins, losses, defence , any football talk....

Perhaps you could point him in the direction of Summer School....then whack him with the yard stick when he misbehaves! :wink:

1 2 3......Spel with is easy as you kin sea.....No not again!!!

The CFL is too unpredictable, I'd be surprised if anyone puts any coin down on CFL games. I doubt that either team is going to take this game lightly.

As for the Sask defence, I do like the creativity it has shown in terms of different formations, and its good to see something different for a change. But with their formation of having defenders line up on basically either side of the ends of the line leaving the centre basically unchallenged, I don't think it will be long before more teams see that formation and give the quarterback the green light to just run up the middle. The Argos seemed to have some success with the wildcat formation early in the game until they started taking too many penalties. Having said that, I don't see Calvillo taking advantage of that situation.