Game of the week; Als vs Sask. in week #3(Merged)

Wow!!, what a week of drama in the CFL. Roughriders look great and off to a well deserved 2-0 start. Montreal the class of the east look stronger than last year so far also look good sitting at 2-0. Perhaps?/thus, could it be a drama preview of the Grey Cup at McMahon at the end of Nov. I’ll tune in for this match, fans in Regina will be in a hoppin craze mood if they win. Lots of football to be played however and to say the least; Calgary 0-2, B.C 0-2 (understatement?), both teams could now be had and end up 0-3 after next week. I just hope Edmonton matches the passing attack of B.C. Drama yet to be seen however, does Whitlock rebound to play well? Acoording to Whitlock Quote “I don’t drop passes in practice, it’s kinda weird.” On the otherhand , I hope McCarty runs wild at Commonwealth and helps Ricky Ray get the play action done.

I think the Montreal/Saskatchewan game will be interesting for a few reasons. First, Taylor Field is always loud. Second, these two teams are the only remaining undefeated teams. Who remains undefeated? Third, as I mention in another topic, Montreal's biggest weakness last season was the West. They finished 3-5 against Western teams. So far this season they're 2-0. It'll be interesting to see if they can make it 3-0. Then they face Edmonton again. Can they make it 4-0 against the West? There's a lot to be excited about in this game.

That said, I'm still looking forward to the BC/Edmonton game the most. Edmonton desperately needs to rebound after that... Well, let's be honest, you can't even call it a game. If Whitlock starts, or even splits the touches with Calvin McCarty, I'll be upset. If he's even still on the roster (What's the deal, D.M.?), then he should be stapled, tied, glued, and nailed to the bench. Edmonton needs a win this week... and not just because I'd LOVE to see BC fall to 0-3. :twisted:

Honestly, I think both the Montreal/Saskatchewan and Hamilton/Winnipeg games will be exciting. Winnipeg is coming off a great performance against the Grey Cup Champs and...Hamilton winning a hard fought game against B.C. in B.C.!! I know it's early in the season,but both Win. and Ham. look vastly improved over last season. Barring severe injuries i think both these teams could be in for winning records this year.

Add to that an undefeated (thus far) Sas. team and i think we're all in for a great season! :rockin:

this game is gunna be a doozy, looking forward to it, but i'll have to miss the end of it because i'll be at the ti-cat game.

Generally speaking the teams are starting to look sharper and less in preseason mode so hopefully this week can continue that trend. Montreal has looked head and shoulders better than the rest of the teams so far, I'd think they have to be the favourites against the Riders but home field somewhat evens it up.

Hamilton / Winnipeg should be very interesting, both teams looked good last week and we'll see if they carry it over into this week. Lefors didn't look all that sharp but the defense was sure flying around out there for the 'peggers.

Eskimos are very tough at home and BC has not looked very good offensively. BC has looked uncharacteristically sloppy for a Wally Buono team, I can't see it lasting but I don't know if they have what it takes to win in Commonwealth. Eskies by 3 in a much better game by both teams.

I think this game won't be close, as much as I'd love to see the Argo's win, the Stamps are 0-2 and I can't see the Stamps going 0-3 with as much talent as they have.

This MAY be a Grey Cup preview. This game comes down to the proficiency of the offenses. The D's will negate each other, as they are very even. If Darian Durant can match Calvillo's output, Riders can win. I envy everyone who will be there!! Cheer hard!!

Tough place to play but the Als have nine days between games and are healthy. Chick and Baggs won't have it so easy against Montreal, for one the Al's Oline is a much tighter unit than the ones they've played and the ball will be out of Calvillo's hands so fast in the first half that I can't see them being a factor, in fact if they over commit, Cobourne will cut them apart. Riders have a chance if they can put up 40 or more points...

Some of the Rider fans are predicting 5 sacks on Calvillo. That Unit has never allowed that many in 22 games...

Is Wes Cates playing next week ?

No official word on Cates, although earlier reports lead me to believe he'll miss one more game, and come back for Edmonton. Likely the same thing for Geno - the Edmonton game will put him at 4 weeks.

I was actually thinking about the Riders D against the Als last night while cutting the grass. The conclusion I reached is that for the Riders (or any) D to be successful, they've got to make Calvillo hold the ball. If he's allowed to get rid of the ball as quickly as he's been, he negates the pass rush, regardless of how good it is. However, if he's got to pull it down, go to #2 or #3 in his progression, then he's as or more vulnerable as any QB at 4-5 seconds in the pocket. Probably moreso, as he's relatively less mobile.

So, our secondary will be the group most responsible for what pressure gets put on Calvillo.

As for Cobourne, if history is any indication, we do far better against little rb's than the big ones.

Interesting write up in the previous post. Marc Trestman came from the NFL and with that I brought up his profile on google. He was Quarterbacks coach on more than enough teams down there along with other positions and has a superb grasp on the CFL GAME MORE SO THIS YEAR THAN LAST, at least at this point. One thing he’s excelled well coaching Calvillo; For Calvillo on the plays being called the quick release is NFL style and is paying off big time. The defence being one yard off the ball as opposed to nose to nose, the end result is Montreal will be hard to beat and will be at McMahon in late November. Marv Levie and Bud Grant are others with superb coaching creditability, but couldn’t win the Big One.

Calvillo progresses very quickly through his reads and it has been one of his strongest traits for a while and while he is not known as a running QB he knows how to run. The touchdown pass he through to Green against hte eskimos is a perfect example of that.

The als/riders game will definitely be one to watch this week and will be a real statement game from whichever team pulls out the win

What would be even better: A TIE

Wouldn't be surprised to see either team win this game.

For Montreal, red-zone production remains the key issue. Milanovich, Trestman, and Calvillo have to figure out how to turn those field goals into TDs. A team like the Riders will make you pay if you keep settling for 3 points instead of majors.

Well, everything is relative, of course. It's not that Calvillo CAN'T run, it's that he's among the least mobile in the league, and his strength is not mobility, it's making the right pre-snap read, and getting rid of the ball quick.

So, if you are going to defend him, you first must take away his strength. Maybe he still beats you, but that gives you your best chance.

Taylor Field has always been a difficult place to win for the ALS. If we can survive this task then I think we will be well on our way. I will be surprised if its a blowout. I think the ALS wins "ugly" and go to 3-0

When Montreal hired Tresman it was like who is he? 1 year later he may be the best coach in the CFL. Calvillo may be the best qb in the league. That little Taylor guy may be the best returner in the CFL. Rider fans will have to be loud. Taylor Field is a big advantage but Montreal is a great team.

I havent seen the als struggle much at taylor field and found that theyre generally one of the few that dont struggle there. Last year they lost their only game there and possibly when Popp was coaching (when they lost everywhere) otherwise the team was not particularly intimidated by taylor field

1st in the West vs. 1st in the East. Who is going down and why…lets read your insight or colourful opinions!!!

Montreal will win the game. Its still the first half of the season and Montreal always starts the season strong and then fades once they've got the East sewn up. I'm not buying what the Riders are selling yet. They beat BC in a very sloppy turnover battle which could have gone either way. As for their victory over the Argos, if the Argos hadn't imploded from taking so many penalties in the 2nd quarter it would have been a very much different game. I think the argument can be made that instead of the Riders beating these teams, it can be said that BC and Toronto beat themselves.

Well as an Als' fan cdwood, I like your reasoning..............I want my team to win and if I was a betting man I might put some coin down on it.

But, that said........I sure wouldn't take this game lightly............

I am not sold on Durant yet.................and if Cates isn't back (and even if he is he may be a tad rusty) I"m not sold on the running game yet........or the O-line.

But Etcheverry's defence has really impressed me...............he's replacing the man who in my mind has been the CFL's greatest defensive coordinator in Richie Hall, but the Riders' D hasn't missed a beat and is very creative, a treat to watch. Kudos to Etch.

The D line is impressive...........the Als' offensive tackles will have their hands full...............I thought the LB corps would be a bit weak with the losses of McKenzie and Lloyd, but Williams doesn't look like a fish out water being shifted inside to MLB, and the move of Kornegay up to the LB corps from the secondary is looking really really good.......................and while he may be long in the tooth (4th oldest in the CFL, behind McCalllum Calvillo and Cahoon), Eddie Davis is still a treat to watch play............any kid wanting to be a DB could do much worse than to spend time just watching him perform.

I love the arguments they have to make to try and convince themselves that the Riders aren't a good team. It's getting quite entertaining.