Game of Rouges

I think we've all seen this promo video, just want to make sure though.

Is it wrong to want to want to walk into BMO the first game of the season carrying a Roman standard style House Austin banner?

Wow great imagination and cool imagery . Love it !

Very cool indeed! :thup:

...that was pretty good Hammer, thanks for sharing that...

Very pleasing video, I was especially drawn to the excellent music.

Why ruin a perfectly good CFL thread with a #%^&*())*&^*%&^$@#%^& BJ?

:thup: :thup:

I had never seen the video, pretty cool. Wish they had put NM2 in there instead.

I'm not certain if this was an attempt at sarcasm, a weak and lame trolling attempt or just generic fanboy silliness.

It was a little jab at Travel's continued adoring, and he's allowed of course, at his beloved Blue Jays and how unreal everything is about them and all the fans going to the games and the 20,000 people to get a Josh Donaldson bobblehead showing how huuuuuge the Blue jays are compared to any other team in Canada. Travel with his Blue jays stuff just irks me truth be told. See viewtopic.php?f=14&t=101103&start=30

But fair enough, it didn't belong here, my bad. :oops: Edited.

TiCats always put out awesome stuff. Continually impressed with them.

Earl - why post a link to a thread from the quite popular 'Off topic forum' here into the CFL forum? Same bizarre reasoning I guess for posting a picture of Donaldson here in a discussion about a neat and timely marketing promo by the CFL?

I could understand a post saying - this is cool reminds me of when the (insert team or sports league here) did this related this movie or show. But a bobblehead?

But since you've brought bobbleheads up - do CFL teams do Bobblehead Days?

Enough said, I admitted my mistake and edited my post. Now, go and play with your Josh Donaldson bobblehead for a few hours, ok? :wink:

Earl - I do have to laugh - not so much at your original post - which is as you noted is now edited - but at the fact that everybody posting after you felt the need to include the Donaldson picture in their post - so now people have to scroll past multiple copies of the Donaldson bobblehead pic if they want to read this thread about a good CFL promo piece.

I just know that is going to drive some people nuts. lol

You deserve the last laugh Travel. Touché!

what a waste of a perfectly good thread.

Somebody mention CFL Bobbleheads ? Say no more.......Bobble On !!! :smiley: :rockin: :smiley: :rockin: 8) 8)

Geroy Simon.....

Jeremy O'Day.....

Milt Stegall.....

Anthony Calvillo complete with Grey Cup.....

Kevin Glenn.....

Henry Burris.....

Ti-Cat mascot Stripes.....

Bobo The first set of bobble heads look like they are from the early 1960's . Any background info on them ?

Not at all, you'll see me in the early fall as a blue hoplite with Argonauts' flag instead of hoplon and a blue shield with an "A" on it.

Some cool and unique bobbleheads there bobo! :thup: