game observations

plenty of positives:
#1 cobb in the 2nd half playing inspired and a little angry hitting the holes.
#2 macintyre's pancake block on cobb's 2nd td. haha!
#3 ab1's toss to carter perfectly executed gadget play.
#4 glenn's leadership and ability to step up in the pocket and go,,hope he plays that inspired vs his non-former teams now.
#5 matt carter's hands and eric wilbur's leg (stala's too).perhaps we can now trade bauman and get a db in return?
#6 dline constant pressure,,kirk and mcintyre and glad to see albert smith get his 1st sack on 1st play.
#7 sam fournier a couple clean licks on special teams.
#8 johnson looking like gerald vaughn on that 3rd down stop.
#9 laughing my ass off watchin lapolice waste his last challenge,,had a feelin it would matter later in the game.
#10 glenn makin good reads and taking advantage off and over aggressive defence..(long balls to start it up to mann and bruce)
#11 watchin ralph,,davis,,kavis,,lapolice and barressi and happy they are on the other side now.

a few negatives:
#1 tisdale,, shivers,and bradley scare me,,getting beat by the long ball,,(is it a communication problem?) must be fixed and shivers' footwork needs to be addressed too.
#2 killer instinct to put teams away,,,glenn's 2 picks coulda been crucial,, although the 1st one on the screen , mann may have been outta position.
#3 oline 1st half badly outplayed in the running game,,lookin forward to seein a basher like jimenez back,,although the bombers did shoot the gaps a lot.

looking forward to next week i would like to see us shut down cory boyd and force the issue with cleo lemon.

Johnson tackle on 3rd and short was one of my favourite plays of the year so far.He is by far my favourite player on the team and I already had a #28 jersy :smiley:

Great game overall and many positives, but once again the team seemed to come out of the half-time break like they were waking up from an afternoon nap. We need to get some red bull in the locker room. It was a good thing we scored so many points in the first half.

I still don't want to blame Cobb completely for the lack of a run game (especially in the first half) because the o-line just seemed to collapse whenever he got the ball. But, yeah does freeze up a lot so the blame is 50-50.

Shivers - if he's doing something wrong the coaches need to figure it out and fix it. If he's just too slow, then he gots to go.

Absolutely; and to your list add a #12, the game plan and play calling by Mike Gibson. He's been criticized as an offensive coordinator, but he was stellar last night, best his game plan and play calling have been all season, in my opinion.

Agreed, that was a beauty. He may be your favourite player, he's not my favourite Cat (that's Knowlton), but that was one heck of a play.

Shivers has been a problem since game #1; it's got to either be corrected or he needs to sit and someone else needs to be inserted at HB.

8) It was a classic crunching hit, that's for sure !! A definite highlite spot for all the replay clips this season.
 Still not happy with Shivers play at all .  Burned for 2 td's again.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

 If better is better, then we need better at that position !!

Does Will Heyward not play the same position AND shown he can do the job?

8) No, Heyward's natural position is CB.
 Yes, Heyward has shown that he can do the job there !!

That was nice to see, but he didn't do a whole lot after that, i'll be glad to see Bolden back next week. We need everyone in that front seven to be healthy next week if were going to have any shot at stopping Boyd.

I think it was huge for Hamilton to win this game considering what has gone on this week with the stadium flap.

The Ticats are starting to look like the team many thought they would before the season started. IMO McIntyre looks better as a DE than a DT. The rookie Smith played well but Bolden is maybe their best DLineman. This is definitely a much more physical defense than a couple of years ago.

Cobb starting to look more like he did last year, but it didn't hurt that they let him run more sweeps. Thigpen is a nice change of pace. Don't know how Saskatchewan could let him go, he is much better than is Dorsey now.

If the Glenn to Bruce combo stays hot its going to be a humdinger next friday night. Looks like Obie has found a good young Canadian receiver in Carter to eventually replace Stala.

I'd be getting scared if I didn't know the Argos were the second best team in the East. :slight_smile:

McIntyre is becoming a fan favourite here, how can you not love the guy? Nobody as more fun playing the game than this guy does (Okay maybe Otis) he just loves banging in those trenches, and then he comes in at fullback and lays some guys out. Then back on defence he is making tackle well down the field. He has quite the motor. :thup:

Shivers gives me the shivers!.. :lol:

JJ's hit, i could watch that all day.