game observations

  1. Ok we can't play zoen anymore as our defence is just running around and can only hope that they als drop a ball .

  2. BOth our lines suck and need to be re-evaluated . We need to bring in as many guys that can rush the passer . Once again MARIUZ AND GORDON WERE THE WORST OF THE WORST

  3. Why did we get Keith as he is not much

  4. Why did we nto go to rodriguez much ? or baumnan ?

  5. On defence i'd only keep thompson, Bradley .knowlton, siskowiz and kashama on D and the rest can go

  6. The OLINE hmm i think Hage IS WAY overrated and Hudson might be done , Dyakowski is inconsistent but young ..I hope Gagne -Mareceaux gets back healthy ..

This team is a mess as they cant even go for a 3rd down and 1 on the als goaline and when they do gamble theor oline gets crushed and our play selection is poor

Still the biggest problem is the defence as we just watch one easy pass after the other on the zoen defence ....How can we keep playing a zone with no pass 's liek watching a pro -team against and amateur team many kockdowns were there other than a few by thompson ?
CREEHAN can't bne retained for next year

nautyn mackay lauscher has lost and power and strength

so what is printers now an expensive cheerleader ?

The ALS could have scored 70 points today if they really wanted to

I think that we can keep our entire defensive backfield, Knowlton, and Darrell Adams. Everybody else should be on the hot-seat for some better players.

On offence, we need an O-Line, but have talent in all of the other positions. Maybe a seasoned receiver.

But realistically we are not that far off, I've said it before, a couple breaks our way and we are a .500 team.

8) You want to bring Kashama back next year ?? As what, the invisible man, just like he has been since he arrived here !!!
  The head coach is responsible for all facets of the game and overall preparation, so in effect it should not be just Creehan that is fired as you suggest, it should also include Marcel  !!!

I'd like to see them try as many new dlineman as possible and we need to draft canadian olineman and hoep for the best there ...
This is now ealry training camp so let's try no more zone and see who can guard man to man

DID anyone see Poerter trying to ask for help from his recievers before he got decked ? poor guy ..welcoem to hamilton the team that is alwasy out coached ill - prepared and looks like they don't practice and is always one step behind

i agree marcel deserves blame for the D as well but he is likely lettingh creehan do it his own way


DID anyone see Poerter trying to ask for help from his recievers before he got decked ? poor guy ..welcoem to hamilton the team that is alwasy out coached

8) Yes, I noticed that also !!! You can blame that hard hit on Porter,on the receivers !!! None of them even came back to help him when he was running for his life !!!
  Disgraceful at this point of the season  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Haven't posted for quite a while,but I want to give some observations from the left coast.Unlike last week,Porter was taking longer to throw the ball today.Last week,he was looking like a new grad from Dmac's school of passing.The linebackers and DB's were not hot on the ball today,allowing too much room for the Als.Missed and soft tackling gave the Als a lot of extra yards .The lines were not playing well (understated).Tre Smith was not in the game and that was a mistake.Lots of room for improvement,not much room left to keep a job for several guys.Oskee Wee Wee forever.

Porter definitely has skills, but Montreal obviously mixed up their coverages more. That, plus...
-to experiment with Davis, the new receiver, we inexplicably and consistently ignored our other good ones who played great last week
-KK got hurt early
-Lumsden played like a guy with a bad shoulder and bad ankle (bye bye from Hamilton forever if you continue play like that in the last 3 games, golden boy)
-some idiot Hamilton coach called runs on short yardage plays throughout the game even though Montreal is the best in the league at stopping the run on short yardage
-absolutely zero pressure on Calvillo
-multiple Hamilton turnovers at the worst times
...equals blowout win for Montreal.

Hamilton obviously needs more talent on the D-Line. That, right now, is their biggest area of need.

And the game prep has to be better. i.e. why the heck were KK and Lumsden not used in the backfield at the same time? I thought that's why Obie was dreaming about when he signed KK!!!!!

I noticed that too. I think the kid has huge talent, but the's going to take a lot of smashing if he doesn't release the ball more quickly like he did last week.

I agree with most of the observations.
IN addition, when was the last time a
CFL team did not punt ONCE in a game. I think it was today.
Not one punt by Montreal in this game illustrates their dominance of the defence and the total
control they had of this game.

The defensive backfield is one of the top groups in the CFL with regards to INT's. I belive this group should be kept together because I can only imagine how good they could be with some pressure on the QB.

Our defense lost this game for us.

Give McManus more time to get the terrible Bellefeuille stuff out of the playbook and you'll see results. What I saw last week was a QB who looked like a McManus protegé in the best possible sense: accurate, quick release, decisive, deadly. This week, the quick-passing game was gone, the receivers were back to blithely running their routes without helping out the QB, and the D was porous. Bellefeuille as head coach is good only because now he doesn't have as much time and energy to neuter your offense.

Last week when we played the Als it was against a hurting secondary and a team that had no idea what playbook was coming with Porter as a QB. So it was a learning game. But once they had film on Porter and knew what type of playbook the Cats run with Porter in the backfield. The Als made the necessary adjustments this week to make sure any weaknesses they had the week before were covered. They are the best team at making the necessary adjustments to cover their weaknesses and we had no chance this week. Hence the score...

I did have an opportunity to watch the game. I am visiting relatives in Philadelphia. Several things you have to remember - 1/ Montreal was pissed off and had something to prove. 2/ The Tiger Cat coaching staff could not arrange a two car parade. In short they have No clue how to set up any defensive or offensive schemes. 3/ Major coaching and player changes must be made or we will be the door mat of the league again.

One quick solution to our defensive woes. Hire Stubler.

WHAT?? The defensive secondary has played "prevent defense" all season long. Every pass is caught by the opposition then there is this cluster of 4-5 defensive players to haul him down. Why not have the cIosest db go for the ball and rest of them tackle. To answer my own question, the closest db is 5-6 yards away. I would like to see proof that we are any where near the top of the league in INT's

so lets see... Jo Jo Walker returns a kickoff up to mid field giving the offense good field position. Montreal comes down the field next time and has to settle for a single off a missed field goal. Hamilton decides to take the ball at the 35, instead of forcing Montreal to kick off. Porter promptly throws a INT for a TD
Why did they not have Montreal kick off to Jo Jo?

[url=] ... /reg_5.pdf[/url]

BC 24
EDM 19
HAM 16
SSK 15
MTL 14
WPG 12
CAL 12
TOR 11

as you can see we are 3rd in the league in interceptions,

i have to agree with Scotty on keeping most of our defensive secondary (except for Gordon)