Game Observations June 19th

Just got back in the door from the game in TO.

A few observations from tonights match;

-Casey is a gamer. His intensity was obvious to all way up in the stands. He was fighting hard to keep the offense rolling and put in a big effort. A couple of overthrown balls resulted in two less touchdowns.

-Our receivers look good. It took them a little while to find some open space but once they did they battled for every ball. Taller and stronger bunch with good hands. A few dropped balls but most of them were a bit off target. Overall, very encouraging.

-Moreno is a stud. Period. Great interception over the middle. Acted like a true defensive captain both on the field and on the sidelines.

-Setta's kicks into the corners inside the 10 yard lines were beautifully placed. This guy has to be locked up long term. Too good to let go.

-Tre Smith showed some good bursts of speed. Huge return and some solid runs from the backfield. I think he will stick.

-Richie Williams may have played himself off of the team. Lots of scrambling with no pocket presence. Threw a couple of bad balls and one tip was intercepted. No real composure at all. He was given a few sets and did nothing with them. Nice guy, but I believe he will be released.

-Quinton Porter showed good composure and made some really nice throws. He didn't rush himself and had good mobility scrambling for a TD. I think he will be our new number three.

-No reps for Chang. Is he in as one of our three QB's?

Defence only allowed 7 points after the first quarter was done. The DB's played hard to the ball. Five turnovers taken from the Argos.

-Bishop looked awful. Lots of overthrows and off target balls. D-line had him running.

Overall, it was a slow start but a great finish as the TiCats got stronger as the game went along. Personally, I am very encouraged by what I saw tonight and I believe anyone else who was at the game would be too.

Thanks to Frugal for posting the link for the free tickets. I took advantage and brought a friend to his first CFL game. A fun night out.

We look good folks!

Cheers, Oskee-Wee-Wee...

I also just got back from the game. I was afraid when the blue team scored a touchdown on their first possession, but the Cats didn't fold. Didn't see too much of Lumsden, but Smith was effective.

Vanderjagt seemed to punt fairly well, when he got them off. I'm curious if the blue team's punting of Prefontaine will come back and haunt them.

Going into this game, I figure Montreal was probably the slight favourite next week, but now I would say it is the Cats. I'm curious to see what the Vegas will have to say.

Joseph had an average night and Bishop was terrible. Looks like we might have the edge as far as QB's go.

I Still Think Our Pass rush needs work at DT Spot.
1 DHB Spot also seems to need help.
I Disagree with on Ritchie ..
They May Keep all 4 QB 3 Active 1 Practice Roster

Also Charles Thomas looked bad He will be IMO
Cavka also made huge Mistake that Got Casey Sacked in 1st half ..

a lot better then last week.
We have to Remember 48 Players have 1 or Less CFL Experience on Ticats This year.

The Argo challenge of the interception was a direct result of the video board replay shown right after the play. The video operator should read the rules on that. We just knew it was home field advantage.

Then the officials couldn’t figure out the original line of scrimmage after the replay, even with the video board and going under the hood a second time. Meanwhile the chains moved. Pre-season is good practice for the officials too as long as they analyze the game.

Very few penalties called and great discipline on the Cats for a rooky team. Our special teams sure won their battles all night.

The season ticket holders I was sitting with were great guys. They commented that the previous game had a much better half time show (Kravitz). They felt that the Grey Cup sitting in their regular seats was a once in a lifetime experience, but had to pay for their Grey Cup seats two years in advance.

The whole game had the intensity way above a pre-season game. The team was pushing for the win on every play.

Oskee Wee Wee

I also have to diagree about Richie. You don't cut someone because they've had two less than stellar performances in pre-season. He'll be fine.

Apart from the return for a TD, I think our ST was fantastic last night!! Great to see those interceptions and there were a couple more that should have been. I do agree that we need some more pressure on the QB though.

They May Keep all 4 QB 3 Active 1 Practice Roster

I disagree with the above. If you put one of
the QB's on the practice roster he will be gone
with in a week. There are teams out there who
need good backup QB's and will grab one off our
PR for nothing.

I say make a trade. Richie and a draft pick for
a starter DT.

I say keep Williams.

How this guy goes from a hero last season, to off the team after two preseason games this year is beyond me.

I'd be shoked if he wasn't at the very least our 3rd string QB. (Seeing as how Chang didn't play yesterday, I'm assuming that means his job is safe...but I don't know if it means he is #2.)

So are you saying we should cut Porter??

They May have too .. But I Expected him to added to Practice roster
if not claimed by another CFL Team

Ritchie had off night all players do .
He'll be fine..

The replay's are shown after every play as many times as they want. The rule is that you can not show the replay after the challenge flag is thrown, which did happen once at the dome, where the fans cleary influenced the refs, and then the rule's inception.

Something that a great video and screen system that the Rogers Centre offers gives an advantage, I know I've been frustrated many times looking for a replay at Ivor Wynne. New stadium would solve that though, :wink:

He plays in Hamilton. It's the epic "the backup QB is God" vs the "cut the backup he's the worst" battle played over and over and over again.

we've kept four QBs before, it just takes up an import spot.

I'm wondering if the blue teams defence is starting to get a little long in the tooth and that is affecting their performance. They allowed 34 to montreal last week and 28 to us this week.

If Porter is picked up by another team i think we
will regret it big time.
i was at the game and for a rookie who has played
very little he had great composure.
Richie never looked as good as Porter did at any
time. Sure richie is not bad, but if Porter had
played for two years like richie didn't porter
would be further ahead than richie.

they're also a more established team, there's only one or two spots on their D that are up for grabs (youngers and...?)

They know what they're doing and have been executing the same system for years.

There are two thoughts on why they've given up so many points in preseason:

  1. They were merely working on new schemes and practicing execution on very basic plays (i dont know i wasn't there.)

  2. Kavis Reed is the new DC.... regardless of whether or not he's implementing Stubler's system with Stubler's players, he's not that great of a DC... we've seen that here.


really showed he is coming along. learning the system well, if he has a go to receiver this year. Look out!!! we will be a force to reckon with. As far as backup goes keep Williams, there is no need to cut or trade him. He was the only qb last year that did well for us and that`s in the regular season. So the guy had some bad stats in a preseason game. Big deal!

Then who should go Porter or Chang, putting
one of them on the practise roster is the
same as cutting them.because another team has a chance to pick them up for nothing.

In my opinion GOTC,

Porter, but that doesnt mean hes gone. I don`t know if a team would pick him up. who do you think should go to the practice roster?

If you're asking me to choose between Williams and Porter, right now I choose Williams.

Besides, if we can add Porter to our practice squad, then everything works out fine. If we cut Williams, he's gone.

No. Not if he sits on the bench behind Printers for the next two years.....and where does Chang factor into this? Obviously he'd get another shot before Porter.

Richie is still pretty green when it comes to CFL game action.....he only played one game in his first year, and something like 5 or 6 last year.

He isn't a seasoned veteran by any stretch so who's to say he's hit his peak? Also, when given the chance in actual games that count last season, he was impressive. Why give up on him already for a player with some potential?

Ideally, we keep Porter somehow, but not at William's expense if you ask me.