Game number 7- Montréal at Hamilton

I don't know how serious the injury to Vernon Adams Jr. is, but maybe they should rest him so the injury won't become more serious, since it is almost a given that they will lose against Hamilton next Saturday.

Last night, Adams may not have been the main factor tor the loss, but his interception, particularly at the end of the first half did not help.

We will see in the coming days how his injury is and if changes occur, particularly with Glass. He his not playing well + he gets major penalties every game.


You know what I think was the game changer, that flipped the momentum. BJ Cunningham's fumble at the 4 yard line. When that happened Vernon tried to put the team on his back.

The play of the receivers with the exception of Wienneke has been PUTRID...
and the DB's can't cover, tackle or play within the rules.

Those two units are sinking the Als season... If it was me I'd bench or release Glass and Cunningham before next practice. There has to be accountability on a football team for the group to function.


As I wrote, the fumble by Cunningham was definitely a factor in this loss.

I 100% agree that Glass should be released or benched. Personally, I never understood why Danny signed him, although Baron Miles probably had something to say. Yes, release him or bench him and replace him by Najee Murray, now on 1 game injured list. He's ready to return.



Given that the Alouettes would have to go with Schiltz or CFL "virgin" Shea Patterson it is unlikely ... even if it would be the smart thing to do ... especially as they are only two points up on Ottawa and tied with potential cross-over candidates the Stampeding Elk (albeit with a game in hand on Calgary).

Aftr the game on Friday, Vernon Adams said he was okay and did not use any injury as an excuse for the loss.

Adams also thought he should be able to play the next game. Sounds to me like whatever injury he sustained is not that serious, but the team will have to wait for the results of his medical examination.

Shea Patterson only arrived in Montreal last Tuesday night, and should still be in quarantine. He is probably on the roster because they could not find anybody better. Doubt he sees the field this season.

Whether true or not, the team believes they are close to turning things around. So, it seems unlikely that they make major changes. We will just have to wait and see if they can actually do it.

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After 6 games there's been enough of a sample size, and I honestly can't see the Als beating anyone other than the Redblacks. Just too many issues.

Lousy DB play. Miles brought Hunter & Glass with him from Edmonton and they have done nothing. Besides getting constantly beat, Glass has been a liability with his penalties.

And what happened to the great 4 man pass rush Maciocia promised that was going to allow 8 guys to defend opposition receivers? Usher for one has certainly been a bust.

All the undisciplined penalties. Is Khari too mild mannered a guy to reign the team in?

Loss of Alford as returner. Ross did not look to be a comparable replacement.

And yeah, Adams with his costly interceptions at inopportune times. In 2019 Vercheval used to say how lucky Adams was with DBs dropping potential interceptions. Well his luck appears to have run out. And so has ours.

On the positive side, Stanback and the o-line ( my biggest concern at the beginning of the season) have been playing great. But it is not enough to overcome all the other stuff.


Turn around: I believe the offense can be more productive but the lousy secondary won't see much improvement. This is a .500 football team, which in many ways has the same weaknesses as the 2019 edition.

With the Ticat injuries and the way that the Als moved the ball last night, I think they shouldn't have any problem with the Ticats.
The Ticats edged an Ottawa team that had no offense and playing with a couple of terrible QBs.

That is far from a given. Montreal has enough pieces to hang with anybody. Hamilton is fragile offensively right now and have been very beatable all year.

Montreal can run the ball. Hamilton has trouble dealing with that. On the other hand Hamilton's D makes turnovers and Montreal has had difficulty protecting the ball. Whoever can step up and execute better will win. This should be a very fair fight. Could be game of the week.


Ti-Cats are coming off a bye which allowed injured players more time to heal. They could very well have Jeremiah Masoli and Bralon Addison back in the lineup.

When the 2 teams met a month ago in Montreal, William Stanback was held to 40 yards rushing. Adams' passer rating for that game was 65.4.

Even with Masoli or Evans at the helm, the Ti-Cats passing game has struggled in every game. Could that change? Absolutely, but just because Masoli comes back does not mean doom and gloom.

The Ti-Cats are not coming "off a bye"; they played last Wednesday. Yes, they had 11 days before their next game, but it was not a bye. They will be on a bye week 11.

Defensively, they are one of the best team and it is why they will be winners against the Alouettes, who should be 2-5 at this time next week.



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Correction: The Ti-Cats have 10 days between last game and next one. The Alouettes have 8.


Have you even watched any games they have played the last 3 weeks? Yeah the offence has not put up a ton of points, but they have been without almost half of the offence. The D has had little trouble defending the run.

Yeah, I had brain fart. However, I do suspect there will be players on the Ti-Cat offense returning from injury.

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Likely some injured players will be back I would think agree

Même si les Tiger Cats ont été moins dominants qu'ils auraient du contre le Rouge et Noir, leur front défensif risque d'être plus résistant contre Stanback. De plus, si des joueurs comme Banks, Addison ou Posey reviennent au jeu, notre tertiaire risque de se faire démolir, que nous faisons face à Masoli ou Watford

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Comme tu l'écris, Lucas, ma crainte est la défensive des Tiger-Cats; une des meilleures. Si Simoni Lawrence, Ja'Gared Davis et Frankie Williams -demi-défensif er retourneur- étaient absents, je croyais plus aux chances des Alouettes.


Still the team that beat Montreal by the biggest point margin.

John Hodge says DL coach Todd Howard has been fired. If true, who would his replacement be? How about DeVone Claybrooks?