Game number 11- Saskatchewan at Montr´éal

Will Montréal win their fifth game in a row or will they lose? It will be the toughest test of the past 5 weeks. Presently, I have some doubts but I know that it can happen.

Après la dernière partie de cette semaine, Montréal pourrait toujours être en première ou en deuxième ou en troisième place. S'ils gagnent, ils seront toujours les premiers de l'Est; s'ils perdent et que Hamilton et Toronto gagnent, ils seront en troisième place. Règle générale, Hamilton -contre Edmonton- et Toronto- contre BC- auront des adversaires moins redoutables que Montréal contre Saskatchewan.

Anxious to learn about injuries to Brown and Absher. We should know tomorrow or Tuesday.


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Brown had his arm in a sling on the sidelines, so likely long term.

Counting on this to be a good one

My guess if Brown does not play, the Als will not replace him with a Canadian WR or OL.

Instead, I am thinking that the Als could start Nick Callender and then constantly play a Canadian on the defensive line. David Menard actually starts but when he comes out, there is no Canadian replacing him as Cameron Lawson is always a scratch. Jean-Samuel Blanc should be eligible to come off the 6-game and could fill that role. Another option would be to activate Marc-Antoine Deqoy and have 2 of him, Ty Cranston, and Brian Harelimana play when Menard rests.



  1. SSK (7 days since last game) at MTL (8 days since last game)
  2. MTL (7 days since last game) at WPG (14 days since last game)
  3. WPG (7 days since last game) at MTL (7 days since last game)
  4. OTT (13 days since last game) at MTL (6 days since last game)


  1. BC (7 days since last game) at TOR (8 days since last game)
  2. TOR (7 days since last game) at OTT (8 days since last game)
  3. HAM (7 days since last game) at TOR (6 days since last game)
  4. EDM (3 days since last game) at TOR (4 days since last game)


  1. HAM (6 days since last game) at EDM (14 days since last game)
  2. BC (6 days since last game) at HAM (7 days since last game)
  3. HAM (7 days since last game) at TOR (6 days since last game)
  4. SSK (7 days since last game) at HAM (8 days since last game)

Marcel Desjardins fired by Ottawa

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It comes with the job, he did confirm they never denied him the budget to compete. I still think they have bigger problems over there.


I expect the Alouettes to dress Nick Callender, but should Philippe Gagnon be ready to play, Callender won't start; if Gagnon still out, Callender will start, so I think.


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Of course saying OSEG ever denied him the budget is what he has to say if he ever wants another team to hire him ... throwing ownership under he bus is a one-way ticket to involuntary retirement.

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RRs have the best run defence in the league ... lowest yards/game and yards/attempt ... 6th/9 in yards/gm passing and and 8th/9 in yards/attempt ... MAY have to rely a bit more of Shiltz this week.

I think Als will need to rely on the receivers to hang onto the ball more. They MUST lead the league in dropped balls!
That said I think Als win this one. RR's off an emotional win, travel to Montreal. Joys of Montreal nightlife...

Not sure that will play us much of a factor as it once did.

Definitely not to the levels of the 1977 Grey Cup

Well it still looks good if you are coming in from Regina :slight_smile:

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C'était une saison à haut risque pour Desjardins. Il avait perdu son entraîneur-chef, ses deux coordonnateurs, Mark Nelson, et quelques joueurs d'impact. Il n'a pas eu la main heureuse avec Nichols, et sa ligne offensive s'est étiolée comme une peau de chagrin.

Si on regarde l'ensemble de son oeuvre, il a quand même assez bien fait. Mais je pense que l'état actuel de cette équipe a fait en sorte qu'il était plus facile de vendre aux supporteurs que l'espoir reviendrait plus vite sans lui qu'avec lui.

Une autre chance pour Popp, le chat aux 9 vies? En voilà un autre qui a peiné après la perte de Sunderland. Curieusement, l'équipe de ce dernier ne vole pas très haut non plus.

But when you piece that with the 2019 season, his record the last two season is 5-24 with a home record of 2 - 12
They really didn't have a choice unless they wanted to empty the stadium.

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Wonder if Sam Thomassin has a real injury for the Als O_line or is just deemed not ready. ?

Menard (backed by JS Blanc - who looked IMO excellent at DE when he got in for the Als a few seasons back?) would be a way to go with a Canadian DE on the field at all times; Lawson as a rotation guy at DT too for a Canadian in on the D_line (and BTW - what is up with Junior Luke there - on the PR all-season = WTF ?)

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Samuel Thomassin posted a few days ago that he was ready to start practicing. He was pictured with a cast on his right arm. Last time Thomassin was on the field was before the season opener.

Junior Luke was converted to OL in training camp. He appears to me as being undersized for someone playing on the offense line. Most likely, he is at the bottom of the depth chart which is why he has been on the practice roster all season.

Will Marcel Desjardins resurface with the Als at some point?

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I doubt we see Marcel resurface until his contract is paid out. He sounded like a guy who needs a break.

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Stanback, Lewis and Hunter are the players of the week in the CFL