Game number 10- Toronto at Montréal

Next Friday's game against the Argos will be quite important; it may not be a must game, but a win would solidify their position for a place in the playoffs. After that game, they will play Saskatchewan, then Winnipeg back to back and then close the season against Ottawa. The 3 games against the West will be tough; reason, why they have to beat the Argos on Friday.


Playing the 'Nots in Montreal should be an advantage as the Argos are 2-3-0 on the road ... but the Als are 1-2-0 at home ... remarkably similar stats ... Als have more points scored (228 vs 221) but that seems largely skewed by the wipeout in the first game against the TwoColours ... defences almost identical ... Als better by a sliver (206 vs 207) ... SHOULD be a good game

My one concern now with the team going forward is the defensive backfield. Hopefully they can get it together.

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Who's the starting QB?

No question! The starting QB will be: Matthew Shiltz. Will be so going on, unless he's injured or performs badly.


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There is always the possibility of Harris not ready- not enough aware of the plays- to be in the line-up. A option could also be to include 3 QBs on the active roster and 1 being the healthy scratch, before the game. The active roster could have: 3 QBs, 20 N, 20 I and 2 G, for a total of 45 players.


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Harris is making a lot of money as a backup.

Makes me nervous.

So long as they play Shiltz I won't care.

Somebody should ask if the Als and Harris agreed to restructured contract as a condition for making the trade.

He's also believed to be unvaccinated, but what the protocol is for traded players. I have no idea.

My understanding is that most of Harris' salary was paid as a bonus before the season, so his cap impact is not an issue this season ... depending on what happens through the Als last game (whenever that might be) DM may have some decisions to make before free agency, which could include re-structuring.

I recall hearing/reading that but Google is no help in tracking that down.

I don't understand why the Alouettes should have asked Trevor Harris to restructure his contract for 2021; depending on the bonus he received-some say it was $250,000, Herb writes $300,000- the impact on the Alouettes cap for the remaining 5 games should be in the vicinity of $65,000.

For 2022, if Harris wants to remain with the Alouettes, then he will have to agree to a restructured/ much, much less contract; if not, he will be released.

Vernon Adams JR, who could make as much as $514,000 in 2022, will also have to agree to a restructured/reduced contract for the last year of his three year agreement that runs through 2022.



On the Alouettes active roster, Trevor Harris has number 17.


Maybe the Als give them each around 300k, which is about what they should be making at their respective stage of their career and accomplishments.

Maybe they both get cut and the Als sign BLM


That answers the question about isolation protocol for traded players.
Thanks Richard

Dante Absher had a full practice today, apparently. Stanback and CAM both missed practice with illness.

Looks like playmakers on both sides were given the day off.

Harris in quarantine, expected to dress in Week 13 against Riders

The illness report was corrected/adjusted; yes, CAM was absent due to illness but William Stanback was a full participant.



CFL transactions for today

Sign OL Kwabena Asare

Sign LB Reshard Cliett - former Argo who was released 2 days ago. His only game in the CFL was this year against the Als.

Sign RB Martese Jackson - returner who last signed with the Als when Jim Popp was still the GM.

Move to Practice Roster LS Zach Greenberg