Game not available as it should be

Well, just as I feared. The game is not available to stream in the US without a cable TV subscription. Neither my SlingTV or Xfinity account will allow me to watch on ESPNnews, ESPN2, or ESPN3, although both should. Testing them yesterday they worked. Today the streams aren’t allowed without a cableTV sub.

And of course, regardless of what it says on this site, the games are NOT AVAILABLE on ESPN+.

This is incredibly frustrating. To the point where I wanna call a lawyer.

This has happened in the past where I had to sign out and sign back in again to get to work, but that’s not happening today.

Update: It all of a sudden magically started working, after missing the entire first quarter.

Sling TV is listed as one of the tv providers that can sign in to Watch ESPN.

That is correct. It wasn't working until the second quarter for me. I don't know if the problem was with ESPN or with SlingTV.

I watched part of the game on sling…and watch a bit on tikilive…
It was on espnnews and espn3

i responded before i read this

Totally sucks, you pay $5/month for ESPN+, and then when it comes to the playoffs; they require cable TV subscription? Nice…capitalism at it’s best!

I agree. It should have been on BOTH. Especially since they (ESPN) lead everyone to believe the playoff games would be on ESPN+, and then changed it seemingly at the eleventh hour.

I was informed to the contrary about ESPN+ (that they would be streaming playoffs + Grey Cup). This is concerning. I’ll be following up, if just to remove misleading information from

Nobody should have expected that the playoffs would be streamed on ESPN+. This was mentioned by me in the ESPN+ thread in June.