Game night Thursday! Whats going to happen?

Will the Tiger Cats find their teeth and win this game? Will the Stamps break out of their offensive slump? What do you think?

hoping to hell hamilton wins.

rawuhaulawayboy, Yes you would that is why cough ahh choke I am cheering for the blue bummers this weekend. :lol:

not because i dont like you but your in the west, there in the east

Ah your so nice! :lol: I never thought I would say that in a million years!
I think this could be the game where Maas starts to connect! The Stamps better not leave points on the field this time or Hell may just show up at McMahon stadium.

its tough because i kinda dont wanna see maas do good becuase i dont want Ricky haters in here to say we made the wrong trade ( whitch we didnt) but some of you love bashing anytihng edmonton

give me a break!

Not to get you excited but I think many feel that Maas was responsible for getting your third place team to the Grey Cup. And I have to agree. I think Maas is the better QB. This season we will be able to tell by Ricky’s performance. Right now he has not been sharp. Mind you many of the QB’s except AC and that skinny guy out in BC that lives in Calgary!

well id take Ricky because Ricky has won more then anyone..i like a winner.and hes doing the best outta any QB this year so i dunno what your talking about

Yes Ray has the best stats but the only stat that matters is wins!

Both teams certainly will have their mad on. Monday morning, I was definitely picking Hamilton, but as the week's worn on, I have to admit I've shifted my thinking. Something in my gut tells me the home team will carry the day.

Yes, but you can't rate quarterbacks based upon how many wins they get. Individual qb stats are the best way to go when comparing qbs.

seeing how corey holmes is injured, and ranek has his own problems..i think the ti-cats will get owned in this one..just because holmes has been there most dominant player and will not be playing..jason maas has been productive, but he doesnt have the right chemistry with his receiver yet to be successful and win games

im confused here..i thought kevin glenn was the worst starting qb cuz he has no wins..and when ever us bomber fans bring up his good season stat wise last year (27tds-17ints in only 14 or 15 starts)evryone else turns it around and says that the stats dont mean nothin..its the wins that matter

Rick Ray sucks. Marcus Crandell has a Greycup; does that make him an allstar? How come Ricky Ray is so amazing for 2 Greycups yet Marcus Crandell doesn't get your praise for his?

Anyways, i think both teams are gonna turn it on tommorow with Calgary on top.

IMO calgary should win it :cowboy: providing there is no fightin on the bench :lol:

Well when players get on each others cases during the bbattle tells you that they are ticked and only good things can come from this. They have been lose at the practises but you can tell there is a volcano ready to go off! Should be a good game.

You are correct! Wins wins wins!

Fighting on the bench where did you see that! They were trading recipes! Man get some eye balls!

I think the Stamps will lose - Henry is just playin possum for the Rider fans the week after.