Game Morale!!!!

I love the CFL and I love the Ticats but I am seriously hating the games lately. Not only because we're losing but how the heck are we suppose to have a good time when the game atmosphere is so boring! Who put the gag order on the music guy??? Not only is the game not hype anymore but as soon as we start to lose it seems the music gets cut off completely. I need something to keep my entertained!!!

The game silence is killing me! I need something to drown out the sound of boos for the team I love! Somebody help!!!!

I agree, the music kept up the entertainment even in dull games, especially when the tunes chosen are tongue in cheek to the situation or appropriate somehow...yesterday's game presentation (forget the game) was just plain dull and kids (now young adults), all who go regularly to games, have commented on the lack of music. Hell, anything to keep people coming back.

I miss the music too.

I thought it greatly enahnced the entertainmant experience no matter how good or bad the team may be.

Speaking of music - It's about time Taaffe and Marcel FACE the music. Whatever plan you thought you had IS NOT WORKING. Just like the decision to not replace Pigskin Pete. Give me break - the entire senario
is starting to become a HUGE bore!!!!!!!!!!

even though i didnt like some of the music being played i miss it after the applause for the hall of fame players had died down there was almost a minute or two of silence why couldnt they play something during that time it almost felt like a morgue there

You'd think that upper management would catch on that silence in between botched plays isn't exactly the way rev up the crowd, let alone players. So our team is bad. No arguing there, but nobody can lose forever. Yes yes I know it's been 3 years. However at least with a little fun and excitement in between all the bad it may just help us all feel a little better. I is like a morgue. The funeral of yet another season down the drain. But like it or not the season will go on, so why not have a some fun in the process. Pump up the tunes, get the cheerleaders dancing, it's still football even if it sucks, the fans are still awesome and it's the CFL, the greatest sport ever!

In fairness, I think if you searh this forum you will find people complaining about too much music ruining the football atmosphere at games in the past.

Maybe they just need to find a balance.

In fairness, I think if you searh this forum you will find people complaining about too much music ruining the football atmosphere at games in the past.

Maybe they just need to find a balance.

Agreed! If you search this forum, you will find more fans opposed to the music played at our games than fans who enjoy the crap they played too long and too loud in the past.

Its better now, since fans can at least discuss the game between plays and HEAR each other at the same time.

This battle has been fought repeatedly ever since Young took over. It took three years and a bit to convince the team that the football matters way way WAY more than the announcer, the joke® running the music, and especially the marketing people. The music and other idiocy emanating from the booth killed the crowd noise and involvement. It also told the players that they were not important – they were the sideshow, not the main event. If you want to constantly listen to badly chosen, overly loud music, played at all the wrong times, then bring your Ipod. When the play on the field warrants it, then the crowd will liven up. Right now the crowd that is left is involved, even if the emotion is despair or disgust, or anger. When the music and bad slogan types dominated, there was no real involvement - the crowds were passive.

Don't get me wrong. I agree the football matters way more than anything else that goes on on that field. But there has to be a happy medium. As of right now I can hear what the guy beside me is thinking. And the rest of the people are walking out.

the only music we need is a good marching band with lots of drums

I have never liked the blaring music, but I don't mind the band in the stands.

I found it ironic though, when they were displaying the birthday messages.

They were playing "Celebration" when Kevin Glenn was laying on the field grimacing in pain, only to limp out and miss the rest of the game.

Obviously the football game is the most important aspect. However, the last three seasons have been painful to watch...if I am to be relying on this football team for entertainment it's almost better not to go. What Bob Young needs to realize is that he has to hook the younger fans (those in their 20s and 30s) to build a good fan base. As someone in this age bracket who has attended games since I was a child, I can definitely say that the games are much less enjoyable than they used to be - actual game aside. More music is a must; it's getting extremely old watching botched play after botched play with nothing in between.

Does every thread have to be about Mike and Rob?

NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo, HOLY CRAP !
not the crap they called music again, I'll take the quiet please, I sit near the bottom and it was way to loud, can't imagine what it sounded like near the top.
a happy medium would be alright if they also play a mix to suit all ages

They play a pretty good mix of classic rock and newer stuff inbetween plays at Commonwealth. Look for a few solid canadian classics from Trooper and Bachman Turner Overdrive to be played at every Esks home game. Somebody even sprung for a Pep band this year. they alternate playing at different gates pre-game during the season, and after a few games they also got the band a permanent spot on the sidelines by the tailgating and the hot tub. They're really coming along, expanding their repertoire of tunes. Although it took them a while to learn the Esks Fight Song...

The music should be a mix of established great tunes from every generation. A few years ago, they regularly played a Cab Calloway classic called Hidee Ho, that fit in very well. Perhaps they did away with it to avoid the use of the now-reconfigured "Ho"-word. At any rate, it got the fans going, and added to the game experience. Remember, while it is important to engage the interest of a younger crowd, many of the season ticket holders, who are paying a very good buck for the better seats, are old coots like me who remember when music was musical.

On the north side 2/3rds the way up in Section 6
the music was way too loud for the 1st time this year.

A friend called the Ticat's office the next day
and he was told the speakers were turned up
on the North side to compensate for the fact

that the south side speakers weren't working.

That doesn't sound like a good solution
but it is a complex issue dependent upon
how near a person sits to the speakers.

the’boring"game atmosphere has nothing to do with the lack of music. its due to lack of excitement on the field.

To clarify, nobody said an exciting atmosphere would be attained simply by playing more music. I'm sure everyone agrees that the actual football game is the most important part.

However, when the games are lacking excitement on the field (as they have more often than not the last few seasons), the other aspects that contribute to the atmosphere of a live game become more...noticeable.