Game Maybe Black out..

I was Watching the Argos Bombers game.

when TSN did a add for ticats Riders game on CBC... I Say Local Blackout May be in Effect

Will Game Black Out ??????

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Game won't be blacked out. I have a feeling the crowd will be somewhere around 26-27,000 we have too many season ticket holders to have a low enough attendance to warrant a black out.

Mikey, it's a fair question. TSN stated this during tonight's game.

Onknight, I doubt that they are going to blackout the game. I highly doubt it.

According to CBC's website, the game will not be blacked out. You can click here to see information on this on the CBC website.

In English, "next game may be blacked out....."

whomever posted this topic title is doing well with ESL....

No you will if you don't remove the paper bag. :lol:

why you gotta come here and be like that?

In English, please........

They are probably a teacher just sharpening their skills before they have to go back to work. lol

they might as well black it out , most of us will only watch about 15 minutes of it before we realize its the same old same old