Game length

Is it just me, or are games longer this year? I don't think I've successfully recorded an entire game on my PVR yet. They're only listed for 3 hours, but the last several minutes gets cut off every time because it runs late. Both games last night ran long, and at least two in week 1 did as well.

I did find myself having to stand up a move around a bit. so you may not be far off. That could be because of the New TSN coverage making the games run a little longer. just a thought.

there are more comercial breaks.

roger has it right, they have had alot more commercial breaks that have pushed games past 3 hours every time even pre season did.

While there are more comercial breaks. The games have been longer than 3 hours for a few years now.

I PVR all the games and I always override the end time and give them an extra 30 minutes

Always record plenty for overtime too... If it's an especially long game that goes to OT, you'll kick yourself if you don't.

And besides, who cares? You get an extra beer or two in during the game. Fair tradeoff.

Well as a maritimer I care. The games don't start until 8 out here at the earliest, and if they start pushing into the realm of midnight, it makes the Thursday games pretty painful the next day.

I dont even bother with the second half of the Thursday doubleheader...

Maybe you should live in the West where we get to enjoy all the games.

No thanks

better living out here man... there are jobs out in the west! money!

at least when the countries Economy goes down the crapper, you'll still have work!

I think the challenges are making them longer.

West is best. But if you plan on moving to Vancouver you better have some $. Very expensive city to live in. It's worth it for the beauty and Olympic games imo.