Game last night

Was watching the Montreal @ Hamilton (2008) game on ESPN Classic last night and man did Porter ever look sharp.He played on par with Calvillo with almost no weapons, Prechae being his #1 target.It reminded me of the potential he has and how much of a better ball he can throw than Glenn.Hopefully we blow Edmonton out of the water so he can get some more reps.

I watched that too. It was fun to see some of those names from the past. There was a 2004 game on right after it. I watched a bit of that too. Amerson and Troy Davis were in that one. I must admit it brought a tear to my eye.

If you like watching classic games, the entire broadcast of the 1967 Grey Cup is on you-tube, including the pre-game show, pre-game analysis (on chalkboard), the half-time show (back when they actually showed it), and all commercials (including Labatt's Pilsner, which I believe was renamed to Blue a few years later). Talk about bringing a tear to the eye, the way the Ticats shut down Lancaster and Reed.

It's a little grainy, and in black and white. Just like it was live. :slight_smile:

Porter usually doesn't throw as hard as Glenn. This makes for a "better" ball only in the sense that it is easier to catch, but with the downside that it is also easier for defenders to catch and travels to the target slower, giving the defense more time to react to the ball in flight.