Game Films

Does anyone know if the game films are the responsibility of the competing teams or the league?
Are these films available to all teams in the league or just to the ones competing?
If they are available to all, how long after the game does it take to distribute them?
I know that they are now not 'films' but digital recordings, so are they put up on a league site for those with the proper pass words to down load?
Just wondering

Each team provides film, ie. video to their opposing team usually within a day or two upon the completion of the preceding game.
Not sure if they are available to all teams; everyone else may have to watch TSN.

I don't know how it's done these days but I would expect the timing of delivery would certainly be equal to, if not better, than what it was back in the days when VHS tapes were used. Then, the home team's film crew did all the filming and delivered copies, post game, to the visiting team's dressing room or, if delayed, to the visiting team's hotel. Other copies were also made for each of the non-participating teams and the league office. They were all put in the hands of a courier service within a few hours of the completion of the game.

Thanks guys