Game Experience

I didn't want my first post to be negative but what else can I say after last night. I won't comment on the on-field product because that speaks for itself week after week. My problem was everything else. You would think that if you have such an awful product on the field, you would make up for it off the field.
Here is what I noticed:

  • $3 service charge at a bank machine (I don't know if the ticats set the price or not)
  • $40 hats
  • Angry concession stand employees
  • More ads than I have ever seen at any sporting event.
  • The sound on the south side was garbage
  • The screen is cool....too bad I am forced to watch commercials on it.
  • It was Via Rail night...why?..because they said that the replay was brought to you by Via rail in the 3rd Quarter?

Just a question. If I signed up for a 3 year traditions club membership. I can I opt out of my last year or do I have to pay for it and chalk this up to another bad investment?

The whole game experience has gone downhill. Last night was miserable.

Why did the game take 3.5 hours? There are far too many interruptions in CFL games, the video replay needs to be scrapped. Refs should be told to cut down on the mid-field conferences and get on with the play.

What's happened to the half time entertainment this year? The whole game experience is sliding back to the pre-Bob Young days.

Wake up guys, the fans are paying for this, you won't sell many tickets based on last night's performance

Half time entertainment isn’t important to me.

Give me a winning team and you can just show commercials on the big screen during half time for all I care.

On the plus side, our beer servers are faster than the ones at skydome.

When I attended the Argos game I had to wait in line well over 20 minutes to buy a beer. They had one guy running the stand. The same guy poured each beer, one at a time and then took the money.

At IWS I had my beer within minutes.

I guess we should be grateful for something.

I also had a HORRIBLE gameday experience. I've been going to games since I was 6, and I've been taking this great big flag of mine to games since the 80's. Last night I got the gate and they wouldn't let me in with it!

I couldn't bring in my flag because apparently some idiots in the stands use flags as weapons or taunt other people with them or poke people nearby. (I'm not kidding, this is what they told me.) And so I asked security, my hands are weapons too, am I not allowed to bring those in?

I don't start fights with my flag, I just like to wave it proudly when our Ti-Cats do well. (I know...not lately...)

If someone is acting like an idiot, that's what you have stadium security for and the police who are on hand. Throw the jerk out.

Why would you go out of your way to annoy long-time loyal fans and ruin my gameday experience before the game even started?! Because of a few bad apples? That's horrible.