game experience

just a couple things ive been wondering about. I know they havent done this for a wile now but i was watching the riders game today and i saw the hot tib so i was wondering y they stoped doing that. i alaways thought it was pretty cool. i also noticed the other day that we our one of if not the only team that dossnt really do somthing when the team gets a touchdown. so i was wondering if we could bring in a fire truck liks the riders or even get back the cannon or fireworks we use to have.

the last point is throwing things into the crowd. i hate this pioneer cheer team or what ever they only throw stuff into the one corner and the endzone what about the rest of the stadium?

I sit in Pioneer's targeted section and the only explanation I can think of is that it happens to be the family section that they toss 80% of the stuff into. The other 20% goes into the sections off to the side or even over the top :>)))

Besides who wants a McDonalds t-shirt that doesn't fit :>))). I haven't seen too many 2XL's flying about. I liked it more when they used to toss the mini footballs up. Irregardless, if any of my group catch anything it goes to the closest kid :>)) as a souvenir.

have a good one

The hot tub company that was used earlier was treated like poop by the previous owners, and realized that it wasn't worth their time to continue with that promotion.

The concussion from the cannon blast (and, I assume, from fireworks) can damage the Tiger Vision (thus voiding the warranty). I have been asking FOR TWO YEARS NOW to bring in one of the old air raid sirens, or a steam "shift change" whistle recycled from one of Hamilton's many factories. (Bob, I believe you thought that this was a good idea when originally presented. Why wait so long?).

As for the giveaways and stuff, why not have the mini footballs brought back? Catch a signed one, and get a prize. As well, ensure that ALL the sections get serviced, not just the "family" ones...

My first-rate game experience = winning enough to be in a playoff run.

thast a good idea i alaways loved trying to catch those and i usuaily did :smiley: lol

Funny Story, i was drunk at a game a few years back and made my way on to the field and jumped in the hot tub fully clothed. They never had the hot tub again after this, Sorry Makeveli..........