Game Discussion BC @ Calgary - Thursday June 26 '08

No. He won't cost them this game. Their inability to move the ball will cost them this game. Although he's certainly a part of that.

The only way that MacCallum could cost his team a game is if he were to miss a 15 yard field goal in overtime. Which I had the extreme misfortune of witnessing. While wearing my green facepaint. Right behind the goalposts that he missed on.

Sounds about right. :lol:

Oh my. It looks like Red's booing is working. Four QB sacks already. Way to go, Red! :smiley:

Hmmm....are we gonna see Jarious in the 3rd Quarter? Buck went down pretty hard, and he hasn't been able to get anything happening so far.

...the plot thickens...

Yep, we have a ball game....

Man this is why this team is so dangerous. We play like feces and a couple long balls and we're in it. Great catch by Geroy btw.

Geroy is unbelievable. He's a game breaker.

I can't believe he caught that damn ball! :o

That 'Get Through This' montage is trash, sounds like the CFL promoter hired his buddies garage band for $3.00 per play.

Looks like Burris wants to skip the Jekyll and Hyde performance this season. :o

He saves that act for the playoffs. :smiley:

That's cold, man. :lol:

But for a supposedly rookie O-Line, they're sure giving Burris a lot of time to throw. And he's doing a nice job avoiding tackles on the few occasions when the O-Line does fail.

His record speaks for itself... ha!

I have to agree though, they are looking damned good tonight. I guess Huffnagel's looking pretty good right now for closing practice this week. Wally wasn't able to spy on Calgary's schemes!

...Mr. Hyde has just entered the game...

I haven't been watching that closely, what happened to Buck Pierce?

Still a pretty decent game for him, though. Over 200 yards passing and 2 TDs, and a rushing TD.

The Lions should be more worried. I said from the beginning I wasn't sold on B.C.'s QBs. Looks like my suspicion was right.

Pierce is playing OK... when he can actually play. Is this shoulder going to linger all season long?

And Jackson is just sucking something awful... My God.

Knocked on his ass 4 times in the first half. Put him out of commission. :lol:

He's gone down on his shoulder heavily a few times, so he does seem to be in a bit of pain....however, the main factor is just that he has only had two important completions throughout the whole game. (Leading to a touchdown at the end of the 1st half.)

Jarious hasn't done much better as his replacement.

I don't know... that catch looks a little shady to me. :?

No way in hell was that a catch.