Game Discussion BC @ Calgary - Thursday June 26 '08

3 Hours until Kickoff

....1:12 until booing Jimenez time...

....I've been gargling with Sambuca, I think I could blow down a brick house at this point, poor little piggies...I mean lions...

I think the game will be close due to it being Cal at home. Could go either way I think.

If the Hamilton game goes long, I hope they cut it and go to this one... I need some real football. :lol: [/u]

dont worry if anything in that game goes long it'll get dropped, unless its from montreal.

Let's hope this game is a little more exciting... :lol:

saved the Guinness for what will hopefully be a good game now.

It's official. This game is more exciting than the Montreal/Hamilton game was.

Thats a major score


I mean..


Pretty good game, but it'd be better if I could hear Red's booing. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a good catch...

Man, where's RLR when you want him around... :lol:


"AND LOVING IT" Stamps O looking sharp.

Murphy yanking face masks. Can't wait to see RLR defend that. :smiley:

That last play supports your theory.

4 punts.....3 shanks.... one too hard...went for a single..... This could cost them the game...

Or RedWhite speak on it

"That guy deserved it he put his mask in Murphy's fingers he's not a dirty player."

"Dirtbag Wally told him to do it, he's only as dirty as his extremely dirty, dirtbag coach, Mr. Dirt Bag Wally."