A little odd that game 3 has a fair bit of meaning attached to it already...A Bomber win and we get a good leg up on the Ticats...A 'Cat win and they're right back in the thick of things.

I'm a little nervous about our banged up secondary...Would feel more comfortable if Suber and Logan were in...but we'll see what Browne is like, I guess.

Hamilton still would have to prove they can stop our Offence, which is putting up 500 yards a game so fair...I think it'll be a close game, and hopefully the good guys come out on top... :thup:


Can Hamilton's defence stop the Winnipeg offence ?

Let's hope not.

I think that's what it'll come down to. I think everybody is waiting for Hamilton to 'wake-up' and live up to their potential.

But then...that's what it was like in Winnipeg in 2008...

.......according to a 'source'.....hammy ain't too thrilled with their o line and have signed Belton Johnson...late of the roughies........They must be getting nervous.....I hope our d can get it done tonight....orrrrr it might be a long one?????? :roll:

Man do I feel sorry for our defence tonight.

They have been hung out to dry in that heat for the whole first half.

C'mon offence, get it in gear already.

......We are no-shows in the first-half.....can we salvage something in the second ????:roll: :roll: ... another question????would you trade Serna for DeAngelis......right now i think it's a saw-off :lol: :lol: ....BUT maybe advantage to DeAngelis...seeing as he is a canuck :wink:

....wellllll i guess we have to play the refs. as well....The idea of a video replay is to get the play correct.....JUST BRUTAL.....i guess the hammer has inserted their homer ref on that one....WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP......doesn't excuse our play but C'MON :thdn: :thdn:

....Brutal game.......we should see the basement pretty soon with that d.....holes everywhere.....That'll really fill the seats at Canadinns next game......and we apparently have brought the 13 man penalty syndrome over from riderville... :lol: :lol:

Tough to say. When Glenn is that ON...that 10-15 yards at a time offence they run is really hard for anyone to stop.


they fixed the special teams at least.

Tough night for the offense.

And 150+ yards in penalties, that has to be a misprint :expressionless:

Good to see Kavis down on the sidelines, but too little too late, he should have been down to start the half.

....that fumble by Glenn non-call was the turning point.....the ball was still in play ...the Bombers recovered it....The league says it wasn't recovered in time ...... BULLCRAP.....we didn't play anywhere near good enough to win.....but when you have to play the league on calls like chance..... :thdn: :thdn:

That was a weird call but like you said, played nowhere near good enough to win on the road. Just got outplayed, outcoached, outeverything tonight.

Let me get this right, the ref blows play dead, play is reviewed, call is upheld. Did Lapolice challenge when the whistle was blown, or if the play was a fumble. They state the Bombers didn't recover the fumble in time, but the ref blew whistle thinking Glenn was down. Now wouldn't the review reverse the whistle because ball was fumbled. I seen some good ones in my time , but this is tops. So glad we introduced video review.Wasn't the challenge about whether or not it was a fumble?????

Bombers are a much, much improved team over last year.

Done..... rather easily too

Looks like Hamilton is going to make a tradition out of playing 3 preseason games, the third coming when everyone else thinks it’s Week 1. The Andrusnaughts got the benefit last year and we did this year.

So we’ve gone from one dominant win, to a near-thing loss (to the Argos!), and to a stinker. Here’s hoping we’re just bottoming out early. Maybe a home game against Edmonton next week will sort us out. If not it will be a long season.

If you were LaPo, what’s top of the agenda?

I think we need to play with more desperation. Hi Ploen, how you doing?

Pierce's throws were behind the receivers all night, he was playing hurt and it showed.

Jyles on the other hand, proved he could move the club, nice to have a capable back up.

about 6 dropped balls between ralph and basically ralph didnt help either. its time to sit him on the bench or see if we can get a very late round draft pick for him.

ralph needs to go imo, and pierces throws werent behind them all night.. he missed 1 or 2 but thats gonna happen.
dropped balls and penalties, penalties, and biased reffing towards hamitlon.. ppl can say what they want but there was more than just the fumble that had me scratching my head and yelling at the tv..

1 was on a renaud punt.. punted it.. ball bounced,, past the ticat guy.. picked it up.. bombers got called for no yards.. thats fine but the ref said.. interference no yards on the bombers so that was a 15 yard penalty when it shoulld have been 5 and then ontop of that.. not only do they call that but some bs roughing call too.. ticats gain 30 yards.

ridiculous officiating.

for real question.. were those the same refs that called the game in hamilton last week?

if it was.. league should consider looking into that crew.

A couple drops for sure, but go back and watch again.

It was obvious from the opening play, when Pierce threw the ball not only behind the receiver but behind the DB covering him across the middle. He had Bowman gone for 6 but the ball was on his back shoulder allowing the DB to get a hand in. he had TE in the end zone and under threw that for a pick.

Buck left his accuracy in Wpg this game.

Using the ref excuse is lame, even when you get the short end of the stick. Jyles was 4 of 4 to the same receivers, although Hargreaves was an improvement over Ralph.