Game Day VS Ti-Cats

Another Game Day - Alot of people say this will be a cake walk, Bombers beter come out like last week or we will be in for one heck of a surprise. The Cats are pumped up and will be playing for Lancaster, Bomber Beware!!

On another topic, we win and the Argos lose to the Stamps, we are officially tied with the Argo's with one more meeting left, that is the positive!!

The negative, we have back to back with the ESKS coming up, but we have proven that the Esks can be beat and our recent 2 year record suggests that, doesn't mean it'll be easy, but if we play with heart and intensity like last week, we have a chance!!

Samuals is in again, great job, hard hitter and doesn't let up, Moreno and Ellis have to prove last week was not a fluke, which i think they will.


Rumour outta Hamilton - Printers is on the trading block, don't get excited BB fans we cannot aford him. Look for BC to make a pitch for him again, maybe even SK.

This could be one heck of a game tonight boys, both teams very, very desperate and then with the passing of Ron Lancaster and further emotions, some heavy hitting me thinks.

I think your right Earl, these two usually kick the crap out of each other anyway, now factor in the standings and the emotions of Ronnie and Zeke, and this thing has the potential to be a street fight.

Serna booting a 42 yard fg. A pleasant surprise in a close game.

Turned out to be the difference.

Where’s that hfx guy now ?

...before we start patting ourselves on the back....just wipe your forehead and go whew....we escaped with 2 points...i was not impressed...this team has to put teams like the Cats away big-time...and we're just not doing it....could come back to haunt us...and damn near did tonight... :? :roll:

We usually lose these types of games, so enjoy it.

....whats your honest opinion pigseye, on the d we played when Porter took over....soft and no-rush is what i would call it....for cripes sake,,,,you gotta put pressure on a just don't let him roll around in the backfield and start performing like Ricky Ray...i didn;t like the look of that...too easy...This kid Porter could be another Ray for all i know...but do we have to jack-up his credentials by letting him perform like that against us...c'mon BigBlue....PUT THESE GUYS AWAY...we have the superior's about time we started showing it....meanwhile back at the ranch and i have now vented...i will now take pigseyes advice and ENJOY IT... :wink: :rockin:

To answer the question fairly zoo', think about it another way. . . the Bombers were stood up for a go ahead td on the one, which should have put us in the clear. Good teams find ways to win these games, I must say.

Anytime you turn the ball over 3 times in the red zone, especially on the road, you shouldn't win. But they did, call it luck or whatever, but it's something we haven't had going for us all year. It's about time we started catching a few breaks. Honestly, the Bombers were the better team and despite the turnovers, still found a way to come out with the W, and that's all that matters.

honestly we should have won the game by a much larger margin so thats why im happy...

Where did you hear this?? I live in the Hammer and have not heard anything about Printers on the trading block. Not doubting you at all, just curious where you heard it.

I'd be ok with it. We should let Williams and Porter battle it out in training camp next year.

I don’t know catfan, (I welcome your comments here btw - ) but i am fairly certain Lumsden will either become an Argo or an Eskimo after this season. Lumsden wants out, much for the same reasons I stated in your other post re; jets07 - that Lumsden I am almost positive wants to play on a veteran team. What that means: is lumsden has played long enough to see where hml is right now, and lumsden will take his act elsewhere. I am fairly positive Obbie knows this already, and will probably want Printers to hang onto for marketing purposes - only because Lumsden was the face of your franchise. Losing both might be taking a step backward. Make no mistake, lumsden won’t be sticking with hml. Printers can stay, but he’ll only go as far as an improvment on your OL happens.

Hey Papa a wins a win, whether it be 2 points or 20 points (which woulda been better) but hey we won 2 in a row, we'll see how the team plays against the Esks this Friday.

The printers rumour has been floating around all year, just like the Bishop rumour which came true. Come on the guy makes $500,000 and has looked sub-par at best. I truly believe your QB's should be Williams and Porter, Porter showed great signs against the Bombers. Imagine what the Cats could do with Printers $500,000?

I'm sorry... I follow the ticats faithfully, read every single article I can find relating to them, and have not seen anything about Printers on the trading block. Probably just a fan rumour.

Again, I'd be ok with it. and BigCanadian, I'd be fine with Lumsden leaving too. He's injured far too much. As for being the face of the franchise... many fans would honestly be ok with Lumsden playing elsewhere, especially with Caulley, Keith and Smith taking the reins when he leaves. Lumsden is just far too injury prone. I think he will go to Edmonton, but not for as much as he would like. He could go to Toronto, but they have Ebell back next year, and he is a very good RB. Admittedly, I would HATE if he went to the Argos. He would have absolutely NO injuries, play for the next 10 years, and become and 'argo legend'. Always happens.

If I were Wpg, don't go after Lumsden or Printers, neither are worth the money.

Yeah, the fact Keith is back in the cfl is awesome.