Game day vs Edmonton

With Montreal's loss, first place is for the taking. What a turn around from the beginning of the season! Now that Saskatchewan won, Edmonton needs to beat Toronto so winning in Edmonton today is not going to be easy. Damon Allen must have a great game and his receivers can not drop any of those rare long throws. I hope the two back system can take some heat off Allen but they need to still throw the ball downfield to win. RJ Soward starts so expect to see him seam downtown and be the checkoff if Bruce is not open.

Montreal's defeat yesterday gives us the open to take the first place in the East, and a loss for Edmonton will most likely end there playoff streak. Today should be one hell of a game

The Eskies may be more fired up for this game then the Argos...but this time of year there should be no holding back...should be a physical game and of course some controversial calls.

We won.

Grey Cup 06.