Game Day Traditions

Greetings. I'm working on a magazine article on the CFL, and we're doing a short piece on game-day fan traditions for each team. For example, Calgary has the Touchdown Horse and tailgating, Hamilton has the Osi Wa Wa Osi Wee Wee cheer. What are some traditions at the Alouettes' game? You know you're at a Alouette game when. . . .

Hope you can help!

Oskee wee wee, oskee wah wah!
Holy Mackinaw! Tigers - eat 'em raw!

Not sure if this qualifies or not but one thing that happens all the time at als games done by the stadium anouncer and the fans whenever the als get a first down. They say in unison: "premeire essai, first down mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmontréal". We used to do a similar thing with the "oo" in Cahoon when he played here to the point where the anouncer did not need to say his last name. This last one is a bit more of a habs tradition than als but Ive seen it at als game the (in?)famous ole ole ole ole song.

Thanks for the correct cheer. I was too lazy with my typing.

That could definitely qualify, mada7. That's the best one I've heard. Thanks!

So far in 2012, the new tradition is to drink a whole bunch of beers after the game to forget the worst Alouettes defense in history...

Just noticed that I spelled premiere wrong in my first post

Two game day traditions

  1. The "Trailgate party" crew. It's easier if you just go to their website and see what they are all about.
  2. In Section V2 we gotta "1,2,3 Move those yards sticks" chant upon each first down. :rockin:

Good times all around!!!